Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little about me......

Well I figured if I was going to write about diabetes and its everyday effects on my everyday life maybe this will help so anyways on to me. So here it goes I am a 27 yr old woman who works for 1 fire dept. and 1 ambulance service. I love what I do I am not married and am in college for my fire science management as a minor and R.N as major. Lots of school yes but it really paid off the first time I was humbled by helping a patient live. Ummm I love outdoors stuff like hiking, soccer, running on trails, biking, and well you get the just. lest see history?? ummm I was dx'ed on Jan of 89'. I think it was hard on them but they never complained unless it was on my behalf and spent many a waking nights keeping me stable they fought for good control and taught me well. My twin sister was dx'ed two yrs later so double wammy for our family. but this did not stop my parents from the thin balance of not being over aggressive or too lose with our regs. I have 1 other sister and 4 other brothers all with no signs of getting diabetes. I was going through supplies last night and looking for the expired ones and found my cat Otis J Jenkins playing with it in my sheets of all places lol he is a spy to keep out family safe. 28 LB's I tell you. now with work we got my pump and I will never go back to MDI's my doc has it down to an art switching out doses for my basal at work and lowering it at home and school well that one we are still working on. My CGM is a lifesaver and working in medical kind of gives me on upper hand lol. My mom taught me early on the importance of control and I can still have all I want it just has to be in moderation my meal time routine is up and at umm measure cereal or carnation drink then check sugar, log everything! I am bad about that but I do put it all in my pump manually along with my transmitter sending it to the pump too so it can be uploaded into pretty little charts in bright colors. I am a soccer coach and played in college full ride which the only reasons I say the full ride just proves we D's are just as good at sports then non-D folks and also think we practice play and clean all while to trying to fit in a quick BG test and make changes it is rough. Ummm my last A1C was 6.1!!! yay me!! wow this who blogging thing is great can release all my fears and worries and know I am not alone but most importantly not be ashamed of it. so I hope you enjoy my site.

New post tomorrow

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