Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holidays and EMS

She is 6 yrs old and it is days before Christmas she is calling 911 for daddy. He is on the floor and won't wake up. They were working on the decorations for the Christmas party tomorrow and he just fell out. Dispatch is telling me the details of the little girls call. It has already created that sinking feeling in my stomach, she is alone with him mom died earlier in the yr and so it was just the 2 of them. We pull up to a beautifully decorated home nicely trimmed. We knock and the lil blond hair and brown eyed 6 yr old lets us in. We run to the kitchen and there is the man she could not recall his age she said " he is my dad so he is old" her tears are tearing my heart in two but I must focus her father is in need. we asked fire to stay with us to keep the lil girl away while we work to save him. Fire also looks around and finds his wallet and med's so i had something to work with. He works for a neighboring fire dept that makes him our brother. We work hard to convert his A fib it is not working drug after drug and shock after shock nothing is working. but wait there is a change he is now PEA uggh really we pack him and go the lil girl rides in the front in tears and ask my partner rich "you guys are going to make him better right?" We arrive at the hospital in record time and I hand him over to the code team. In my mind I know he does not have a chance but I hope against all odds that he pulls through. The nurse takes the lil girl and we must head out to yet another call but when we dropped off the next pt we ask and the nurse didn't have to say one thing the whole story was in her eyes. As for the little girl they were in the process of finding family since not one of them had the heart to put her in custody of the state days before Christmas. Thank goodness we found the number to her aunt in her dads cell phone. I couldn't help but shes a tear for that sweet girl.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exam stress

I am not one to freak out, I mean heck I am a medic for goodness sakes and every here and then I have to save someone based off of my skills and I am cool with that. These exams are going to be the death of me I mean I don't understand why I feel so much anxiety about the exams! They are not hard I think more then anything I am overwelmed and that is making me think I am just going to bomb them! I never felt like this before I mean don't get me wrong I had my fair share of hard college exams before but this is just eating me alive! I can't sleep and my mind can't focus! My blood sugars are really paying the price and I am sure they are not helping me along either. I am questioning everything I study it is just my mind goes blank ( well not blank more like off to a distant land like J.D in scrubs with his day dreams ). I just want my A's I have worked too hard to get anything less. I swear tomorrow I might be in a padded room with high doses of anxiety meds you know a lil of haldol and xanax and prob. some antipsych meds too!! please for the love of God I want my A!! okay I feel slightly better back to the books.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Finals and diabetes

So as every good diabetic does I made sure I was eating well and getting sleep and not over doing it throughout the whole semester until finals week. Now let me start by saying I am a freaking studying machine the two weeks of finals and this time it got the best of me. It started with a meal skip here or there and then no sleep nights and then the less testing equals more study time which by the way is a big NO NO!! don't ever rely on the CGM for results people. always test!! Okay now I got to my fist class that morning did fine and was going to put in my CGM right after class since I was running late last Thursday. I forget to put it in because I was getting in one more hr of study time with my group and then went to class. well I am not one to feel a low BG. I got to class and finally tested for the first time after not eating breakfast and my professor is a nurse and stands there always checking out the number before I take any exam and it popped up a 31 mg/dl. I was seriously like no way and trying to deny it while my professor is like sit don't move. He comes back with juice and crackers and tells me to eat it and then proceeds to lecture me on type 1 diabetes control and uses this time as a great way to instill certain diabetes points into my classmates. ugggh really?? I mean I am fine can we just take the test already?? uhh check again 37 mg/dl so he decides it is time for an ambulance I look at him like seriously?? I am still awake and can treat myself!! Not good enough for him so her comes medics into my class stretcher and all and they decide to agree with him and talk me into going saying that I could come back for the exam if the doc okays it. So off we go to the ER where the real problem happened. I get there and I know that this is the ER where my other professor works so I might get out real quick like. No she was not there and the doc comes in says to start a line and push D50 1 amp. ohh and eat this while they work on that. okay no problem. Well 14 IV sticks later including 2 EJ's it was not happening now I am all for showing some love to the ER staff they make my life easy most of the time but I sat in the room for 14 hrs with no IV access and a BG of no higher then 40 mg/dl at any given time! This is an epic fail on the ER docs part because her has the training to start a central line and it was warranted in this situation after finding I had a hella kidney infection which for some freakish reason always causes lows in me ( so ha so not my fault on lack of sleep or skipping meals well okay maybe a little) Anyways It is like 11 at night now mind you I got to the ER at 10:30 am and all this time with no access and no rising in BG. They sent me to the floor with no IV access and what they call a critically low BG. The floor flips a lid but has to take me and calls in the surgeon and he puts in a central line and apologies for the lack of care in the ER saying he was going to ensure this never happens again. Now even worse was the pic line person that was on call was 5 hrs away yes 5 but the on call surgeon who was great was there in 5 Min's. I get amp's of D50 and and put on a D 10 drip till morning. here pops in a nurse every hr to check the sugar and ensure my safe sleeping. My doc shows up in the morning and he apologizes for everything that was an epic fail and decided based on previous admissions and history that I needed a port for the future and he scheduled it with the surgeon who put in my central line and so now I am good with access for the future. Now my numbers are getting better and off of the D 10 I go and I shoot high in the 300's for the first time in a while so I feel like crapola and the doc didn't ask me what my correction factor was he just decided that 1 dose fits all or something cause he did the BG-100/20 which equaled out to be 7 units. Way to much for me people!! if it would have been calculated by my correction factor bg-100/50 I would have been fine but No lets not listen to the diabetic who deals with her doses daily!! I fall asleep and the nurse comes in to check the sugar and finds I am at 41 and wakes me up and I am  so tired and sweaty and it was my professor she was working the floor that night and had me some juice and why I am addicted to gram crackers in the hospital with the lil peanut butter cups I have no clue but she had those too ( I have been known to grab a couple on busy days when I am dropping off a pt ) She told me about the port placement and how that was going to go and asked me if it was okay to talk to my other professors about still being here and needing an extension on my exams and said heck yeah. so I am assuming it was a slow night cause she sat in there with me for a bit till I was nice and leveled again and then she did all my checks for the rest of the night instead of the tech. I learned a lot from her though out this stay with her care towards patients and families and even other nurses she showed me compassion and Patience's she also showed me how a true nurse is the patients advocate. She stayed after he shift was over and was there when I got out of the surgery for the port ( not as bad as I thought BTW ) and she even helped me knock out some studying for exams I got out of the hospital 6 days after my admission and was spoken too by the hospital administration who I guess was worried I was going to make a big fuss over this who ER fail thing but I told them while I am really upset that it happened I just wanted to ensure that it never happened again. A lot of nurses ( my professor said they should have been questioning the doc as to why he was not treating my lows more aggressively and made sure that I was okay because A BG of 40 and below for 14 hrs is unacceptable )
I am not a sue happy person and that is usually what happens that causes the health care to go through the roof. I just don't want anyone else to ever have to deal with that. They assured me that they are reprimanding the doc and nurses and also implementing new polices so this never happens again. Would I go to this hospital again? yes I would I know that this was the failure of a few not the whole hospital and that they are in the process of fixing everything as well. hey good news for me is new port = no iv sticks or digging although that port access needle is huge!! lol

Saturday, November 20, 2010

diabetes picture day

I never take the time to share many pictures with you guys but today I thought I would give you a glimpse into my households life with diabetes.

This is what the diabetes supply drawers look like when you have not 1 but three type 1 diabetics in your home. That is 4 boxes of reseviors for each totaling 12 boxes, then you have 300 test strips per person that is 900 test strips per person per 3 months so grand total of 2700 test strips, then we have 4 boxes of infusion sites per person which is total of 12 boxes plus you have to add in the random extra test strip brands that we have for "just in case" times. There are 3 boxes of sensors per person =9 boxes plus iv preps and ketone strips and glucose tabs and 27 bottles of insulin plus the back up boxes of lantus pens and humalog pens for pump failures or pump vacation times! All of these supplies keeps 3 of us alive for 3 months amazing huh?

this will make any diabetics day look at the matching numbers on my CGM to my meter and not to mention that beautiful straight line! that took some careful work on my part but so worth it!!

And last but not least this was in celebration of world diabetes day 2010.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy world diabetes day!! 2010

Today is World diabetes day and although many of my fellow bloggers posted on the 6 things you want people know about diabetes already I thought today would be perfect for this post since this is what this day is about. Increased education on diabetes and spreading the word. so for your reading pleasure her are the 6 things I want to share about diabetes:
1. I have type one, no I did not eat too much sugar and junk nor did I not exercise enough. My body killed of my Beta cells in my pancreas and left me insulin - less. Thus there is no amount of exercise or good eating that will stop me from having to take insulin. It is not my fault people! lol I feel better now.
2. This disease is 24/7/365 days a yr! It does not sleep nor does it take a vacation. I am not sick but I fight each day to keep from getting sick. there is so much that goes on behind the scene to keep us healthy. this includes and please remember every diabetic varies more or less on each event but for example purposes my care goes something like this. prick and test my blood 8 times a day and more if I am off on my numbers rather that be a low or high. pump site change as well as a CGM site change 1 time every three days. count carbs at least 3 times a day if not more. pack the diabetes bag each day to ensure I am prepared. when I hear a beep I always wonder if it is my pump or CGM alerting me to changes in my blood sugar or problems with insulin flow. At some point in the day a number I was not expecting will pop up only proving to me that no matter how prepared and knowledgeable I am on my disease I can not control it perfectly.
3.We need a cure people!! We would love to enjoy a life without the worry of complications or parents wondering if they did everything right today. what is next?!? I don't enjoy sticking myself even when I act like all is right in the world please know that behind that smile there is worry.
4. Stop just taking the medias word on diabetes!! We are not all the same!! there are different types people!!
5.despite my amount of knowledge on diabetes after living with it for over 16 yrs plus a medical background I am still scared of diabetes!! I am scared of complications, and going to bed and not waking up, doing it all right.
6. Some diabetes etique for those who might encounter a diabetic along the way. Do not ask us if we can eat that, do not treat us any different then anyone else we are people too, don't freak out when we test or take a shot or bolus I mean we have to do it. It keeps me alive!, if you have questions then ask we are usually more then willing to educate others on diabetes.

I really hope that if you don't have diabetes that you will never have to truly understand this disease and everyday life with it. so to all my friends happy world diabetes day and enjoy!! My family and I will be enjoying some blue cupcakes diabetes friendly of course as well as a great day at the park!! ohh and for the big blue test my test was 131 mg/dl before then after 14 mins of exercise 129 mg/dl. so there you have it!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

watch this video and a child will get a week of life-saving insulin

watch this video and a child will get a week of life-saving insulin

Hey everyone please just take A quick 2 mins and watch this video. Every view of this video will provide 1 child with diabetes insulin for A week!! It cost you nothing more then 2 mins of your time. I promise no gimicks!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Diabetes Awareness month!!

 Yes the blog has gone blue for the month it is all about diabetes education!! I want to spread the word. So Nov. is full of festivities here in my home as we gear up for the World diabetes day on Nov. 14th. As most of you know my twin and I are type 1 diabetics and so is my 2 yr old niece so it is very important to us to ensure we get the word out because frankly insulin is not a cure it is A treatment. Yes we are blessed because we have insulin pumps and CGMS and every other useful diabetic tool out there but I am looking forward to the day I can tell my niece she does not have to be stuck anymore or when I don't have to count another carb! So for all my blogging friends please go blue this month for diabetes!! get the word out and help us educate others diabetes!! Also on Nov. 14th go blue with your whole day I personally with be sporting the blue shirt as well as the symbol representing the day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Okay so I was struggling with the blood sugars for the past few weeks getting into my college schedule and had A horrible scare last week with A low of 29 mg/dl while walking to my next class. I stopped and sat down in the walk way and tested and called my guy because he is good dealing with my lows and helping me get back to normal. anyways I got that feeling you know the one where you get all sweaty and hot and your vision starts to go all tunnel on you and then goes black then there is that intense hunger where you just do not care what food or drink you inhale you just want it then and there. It was freaking me out cause I am still new to this school and only know my friends and so it was like okay like at the freak sitting in the walkway. Well needless to say I have A great school my professor happened to walk by and helped me out and then john shows up right after him and I get some food in me and I was back to normal well minus the low hangover headache. Needless to say john and I have be partners for 7 yrs on the ambulance and we decided to start dating at the beginning of this semester and he is great with the diabetes he sure as heck does not let it become any of my excuses and really helps me to figure things out but he does not over step the line you know? We found that I have to eat in the early morning if I have class cause my basal is higher due to the dawn phenomon and without eating I go low from working out eariler in the morning (5am) and running around all day. If I eat like I am posed to then I don't have a morning low which after treating was causing a afternoon high later on. I can't believe how much work it takes for me to readjust my pump for semester changes! great news is we figured it out and now I am back on the tight rope and had class on thurs without falling off the tightrope for once lol. Thanks for all you guy's help when I posted without it I really think I would still be trying to figure this mystery out!

Friday, October 8, 2010

My butt is sore!

Okay what I meant to say was college classes and work are kicking my ass!! I made a 98 on one exam, yay me! lol then 1 I didn't take due to a blood sugar of 42 mg/dl, which sucked because I was so ready for that exam just a little on the low side! on the last exam that was A 103. I know what you are thinking, 103? what? okay well professor is all about Xtra credit so sweet for me.
Work is no easy task lately. I have no clue why but it is so busy!! I believe I hold the world EMS record of "amount of drug related calls in a row" Never in my whole EMS career have I worked 8 back to back overdose/didn't know/ thats what the bottle said/street drugs/grams narc's calls. Not cool!! Now I know my job is EMS and yes I love it and I am not all about complaining but I got no break so I couldn't do my homework and study or sleep or even sit down to eat a meal. not only were there drug calls but also all of our fav's chest pain!! and a trauma 3 car MVA.
Oh well I will survive!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

running slightly high

What the crap is that! I don't like to have my sugars stay consistently in the 150 - 200 mg/dl range. I am on the tight rope again and I have leaned a little to far to the right, no this is not a horrific range or anything it is just not where I feel comfortable. I am more of an 100 to 145 mg/dl kinda girl.I have a great A1C of 5.7 and want to keep it that way. I think my body now has to get used to the 5 college classes added to my 24 on 48 off shifts. I am just debating if I am going to change the basal now thinking this high is caused because my basal needs to be upped a little or do I wait and see if the body goes back to normal this next week as I settle into this new schedule adding the classes and work load of each to my week? I am going to prob. wait it out and just dose for the running high with a temp basal till the BG starts tapering down to normal. I just fear an impending low that my mind can not take on right now I mean I so need all the brain cells I can keep and I don't feel like letting diabetes kill off a few due to a low bg. I do have great tools to help keep the lows away with my CGMS which has really helped but it is only a tool and requires me to act on its warnings which I sometimes put off due to working on something else, so for now looks like I am going to have to put the D first. In other news I did tell my professors about the D. I felt it was best. I never plan to have an issue pop up but if I do I know they know ( and since they are all in the medical field 2 nurses and one NP and a PA ) I am Diabetic and where my info is if I can not speak for myself. They were all fine with it just told me to eat when needed and to tell then about a problem if I have one instead of hiding it. this school had a D kid last semester who didn't want to stop taking notes or whatever and let his low go untreated till he was passed out and had to take a lovely trip to the ER. He told the teacher he was sorry he just didn't want to interrupt class and he was embarrassed. I think if I was going low and needed to treat I would just pull out the glucose tabs or my trusty peanut butter crackers out and do my thing. Better safe and smart then sorry and embarrassed.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Going pink for October Pick up the challenge!

Some fellow EMS bloggers have started EMS for a cure to help educate others on breast cancer. So for the month of Oct. I have set my blog pink to stand up and show my support for a cure! So I say to all my other bloggers to please pick up the challenge from Oct. 1st to the 15th turn your blog pink and bring awareness to breast cancer. Thanks to The happy medic for putting the word out!

On another note I will get back to blogging tomorrow as I have way too much class work to get done today and work tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Day like today are ones where I think I should invest in the company that produces Narcan. I worked 6 calls requiring this drug. The top reason was for perc overdoses! I mean seriously! how many people can require this med in the amounts these Pt's had? Now don't get me wrong I understand pain issues for me I have had my fair share of kidney stones and thus needed pain med but geeze these people have it for some of the stupidest crap or got it from someone else. People if you have pain meds and you live with a junky then lock them up don't leave them in your bathroom!
1. Headache
2. Stomach ache - This guy didn't have a disease he just said he went to the ER for stomach pain and was dx'ed with gastritis and given these pain pills! WHAT!?!
3. wanted to get high - took grandmas pills for her back
4. needed to sleep - had a bottle of 60 filled 2 days ago and only 21 left in bottle when we got there.
5. cancer - I completely understand on this one he was one tiny guy and had perc 10's and took 3 he just could not get the pain to go away and could not get a hold of his doc.
6. attempted suicide - had pills from car accident. Life sucked because he cheated on his wife and was getting a divorce.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Sorry for putting the blog on the back burner but I have classes starting this week for my grad degree and trying to work those classes with my work schedule is well interesting to say the least! I have some new professors and I am debating on telling them I have type 1 diabetes or not. I would not want them to be scared crapless if I had a low BG or some complication of the D but at the same time what are the chances of that happening? I take that last statement back that was cocky and really asking for future issues. I don't know I will keep thinking about it. what do you all think?

Monday, September 20, 2010


We all know rookies in EMS when we see them. Their uniform is all nice and neat and they have every piece of equipment known to ems on their belt and in their pockets. These are the ones that tend to act one of two ways either 1. they are quiet and do not do anything unless they are told otherwise known as scared sh!tless and 2. being the trauma chaser ( these tend to say the words quiet or slow on an other wise good day and then hell brakes lose and a lot of times they get in the way and tend to have to be knocked down to size and put in their place.) either way when you become their FTO a.k.a babysitter you know you are screwed until they learn the ropes. Now let me say this before I get slammed yes I was a rookie at the time and yes it was scary at first till I learned the ropes and yes I am sure I was a pain in the arse to my FTO. Now that being said, I have had a rookie on the truck for the last week and dear lord someone shoot me! I am already A trauma magnet and psych call magnet but the rookie had to go and say "man I wish we would get some action already " on a day where I was doing good as I had only had 2 calls in 6 hrs. So I figured it was time to guilt trip him.

Me: "Seriously? you want people to get hurt or sick so you can get some action?"
Rookie: "What? huh? I mean I just want work I don't want them to get hurt or sick."
Me: "Dude no medic wants to work a call, we actually want it to be quiet because that means people are safe and healthy. We are here when they need us but we hope they don't."
Rookie:" Why did you become a medic?"
Me: To help others in A time of need and the fact that I love emergency medicine. I am apart of a different breed. We tend to take the abuse and not fight back, we help all rather they have insurance or not, and we sure as heck don't get the sleep we need or a warm meal 1/2 the time but we still do it. I am sure for me that I get more out of helping these people they they get from my help. all it takes is one kids smile or a thank you and knowing you saved someone to make it all worth it."
Rookie: "My dad and brothers work as medics so I did the same thing."
Dispatch: "medic 464 please respond to XXX Pace road for a 3 car mva, police and rescue have been notified"
Rookie: "finally"
Me: " Crap!! Dude one day you will see what I mean when you will hope you don't get a call"
Me: "dispatch medic 464 on scene"

The three care wreck was bad one was a older wind star minivan with two young children and the mom driving. She was the reason the wreck happened. She was 29 and the cops at first thought she was DUI but after assessing her we found she was diabetic and was suffering from a hypoglycemia and passed out while driving. The two kids, 6 and 8 yrs old were injured one with a broken arm and cut on his forehead and was screaming at the top of his little lungs which was a relief in a sense that he was doing okay, The other much worse. The child was quiet he didn't respond to any of my questions,His vitals were up sh!t creek and we needed to get him out immed. When he was packed and ready we discovered a seat belt bruise across his chest and abdomen giving us the signal that he was high risk for internal bleeding especially with his vitals.
Mom was treated for the hypo and she received stitches from where the windshield shattered and needed urgent transport as well since her vitals were not as good as I hoped. when we got he BG it was 31 mg/dl When she awoke in the back of my ambulance she of course wanted her children and I informed her of their whereabouts and condition. I had to ask her why she was low and why she didn't stop? she said she tested before she left the house and her bg was 101 mg/dl and she didn't feel the low. I told her I was diabetic type 1 and I do not feel mine drop either so that is why I have a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) to let me know when I am out of range. She thanked my rookie and I for all the help and for taking care of her sons. The boys were life flighted to the children's hospital.  Rookie and I went to check on the boys and they were doing well the younger one was okay minus the broken arm and cut and would be released when his father arrived while the other son was in surgery to repair he fractured pelvis, lacerated kidney and his spleen. He will recover and was doing way better. the boys smiled at us and said thanks for helping my mommy she was low. We thanked him for his help because when we got there he told me his mommy was diabolical and low ( he meant to say she was diabetic and low. Bless his little heart.
Back in the truck my rookie looked at me and said " I understand now " I nodded and we went to get some lunch.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Changing and learning...

Well as you can tell I have updated the blog to be more festive. You know give it some spunk. I felt it was due for a change. With all that is going on in my life right now like College which is kicking my butt and work that well I love but feel so unappreciated which brings me to a call that changed that feeling today. It was 3am or so and we received a EMS call to a older couples home where we have been many a times. The call came in as Chest pain and SOB so off we go and I see the address and quickly remember the couple. The woman always has a fresh batch of cookies that she always offers us and her EMS calls on her husband are usually not life threatening. a couple of times it is the I can't get him up call in teams that he fell or a diabetes related call, but today was different. She was so scared and crying when we got there as he was talking to her and then became unresponsive. so vitals were going down the drain fast he was a scoop and guy pt. he stopped breathing and went in to cardiac arrest. IV was placed and he was intubated immed. CPR was going life pack on and flat line crap crap crap! so shock and shock we get him back thanks to my cardiac drugs and he got him to the ER and he ended up having an infection in the blood cause him to have these issues. In a normal healthy young adult they would have the immune system to help fight but not Mr. B he Was still on chemo and thus leaving him open to any infection and harder to fight off. I did hear from Mrs B he was doing better and that she was just not ready for him to go. She told me their 50 yr anniversary was next week and he promised to be alive for it. This brought a tear to my eye I mean almost 50 yrs what an accomplishment. I am truly blessed as she brought us dinner at the station with all the fixings including my fave homemade apple pie. It is people like Mr. and Mrs B that remind me the love of why I do it.
As for my diabetes I met with my endo this week and we made some adjustment to my workday basal rates and sensitivity factor to improve my numbers my blood work was great with an A1C of 5.7 Heck yeah was i excited. I am looking at changing my mini med 722 to maybe the ping and then get dexcom for my CGM but not sure yet I am very happy with my current pump but just want to try the ping after hearing all the good press on it in the d.o.c so we will see.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The calls I am subjected too.

call # 1 of the day came over the radio for A 24 yr old female complaining of broken foot. okay no problem I am game lets check it out. well we get there and for starters the lady answers the door while walking on both feet might I add no limping involved and  in fact the lady told me that she got a call from her doctor this morning that her Xray came back with a break in the right foot and she was told it needed to have a cast asap and so she called us to take her to the hospital to cast it.Her doctor told her to stay off of it till it is casted. Really?? first you broke it two days ago, second you have been walking on it for those past two days, third the hospital won't cast it they splint it give you a referral to ortho and maybe a script for pain meds if needed ( which she clearly did not ) and fourth this is not an emergency! I of course kept my composure and explained to her that she was not going to get a cast at the ER but instead she needed to call a ortho doctor to have it casted and cared for but she did not budge she wanted to go to the hospital and even insisted we get the stretcher out and take her to the ambulance as she did not want to break it worse. but before she got on the stretcher she decided to walk to her room to get some things like and brush her hair. We took her and I later found out from ER nurse that she had a hairline fracture and was splinted and sent home with the referral and a script for Tramadol (she was not happy about the script since it was not a narcotic. Oh and she wanted a cab voucher as well to get home. imagine that lets see how many resources we can wast in one morning.

Friday, September 10, 2010

How to ruin a emergency officers day

Now if you follow these instructions you will successfully ruin your responding emergency officer day.
1. Drink whatever beer you drink and get drunk oh and don't forget to add in your fav. illegal drug but don't do so much you pass out you want to be awake to follow the instructions.
2. Go to girlfriends/boyfriends house and have your drunken argument and threaten to kill yourself and then leave.
3. Go to so and so bridge and sit on top of bridge with beer in hand and cell phone and call that girl or boyfriend and tell them where you are and that you are going to jump.

~~~ This will result in the girlfriend calling 911 and us getting called to the scene to have a standoff with this guy for 4 hrs why you ask? I have no clue as it is not a busy bridge, it is not a well known area heck I think the whole time we were there the cops had to block maybe 5 cars? needless to say they talked him down and we took him in on a psych hold.~~~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Counting my blessings...

I am blessed in this life to have a good job doing what I love and helping others in the process. I have a nice home to go to and a family to share it with but some calls in EMS will remind us that not all are so fortunate. We received a call around lunch time to a apt. in the projects as many of the officers and my fellow co workers call it, to a woman in her 20's unresponsive. Now with this area these unresponsive calls are usually to a drunk or drug overdose but not today. We arrive to a home with three children none over the age of 10 who were in need of a bath and some clean clothes and the oldest who was 10 took us to their mom who was in the bed not responding to any of my calls to her. The child tells me mom is sick and goes to the doctor for medicine and it made her lose her hair so I guessed mom had cancer as the little one did not know the disease but looking at this frail woman with no hair, very skinny, pale and mouth sores just told me the story on it's own. My partner and some of the firemen kept with the children while I helped mom. It seemed by her vitals and presentation that she was dehydrated and sick from more then just the chemo. after many attempts I got an 22g in the inside of her wrist and started fluids. A 22 is not ideal for fluid pushing but it was all I could get so I figured use it till the hospital could do better. The kid comes up to me and asked about her mom she had tears in her eyes, she told me she had been helping with the little ones so mom could feel better but she wanted to know what to make for dinner since mommy could not cook tonight. I wanted to cry I explained we were taking mommy to the hospital to get help and that she needed to get shoes for all the kiddos and pack a bag with some fav. toys. and she did and they all rode to the ER with us. The ER had the social worker waiting when we got there to help with the children and the nurses were great they got all the children cleaned up and in a room where they could watch t.v and play and then one nurse went to mcdonalds and got them all dinner. They were so happy for that. Mom finally came around and I was right about the cancer she had breast cancer and was a single mom with 3 wonderful amazing kids. She had been sick for a week with nausea and vomiting and weakness and other stomach issues. She thanked us for our care for her and her children and the her sister was called to take the kids till mom was released. I didn't have the heart to ask where the dad was but the sis told me he left when she was dx'ed with the cancer and has not been seen yet. How do you leave your wife and children in a place like this when they need you the most? The social worker  was getting her the resources she needed to better care for her and the children.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keeping up with life

Long time I know I have been super busy with work and college and my neice and with the big D. School is seriously kicking my butt. I mean I thought this would be a cake walk to get my NP but lord knows it is a struggle but I know what the end result is so I am sticking with it. My neice is doing great she is pumping away and will lift her shirt to show her infusion site to anyone who will looks good lord it is like whooa kiddo keep the shirt on in church please lol. she is thriving and just doing wonderful.
Work well it is the summer and what fire/ems dept would not be complete without the crazy hard core kids out there getting hurt. We had a 26 yr old guy who decided to see how long he could hold on to his friends car while on his skate board with the car driving 30 miles an hr. umm can we say dumb!! the car took a right turn and the guy on the skate board kept going stright right into a tree!! needless to say he is visiting our local neuro ICU till he recovers. We got called to a party last night college kids drinking and some passed out well one girl was in this outfit that I doubt even a hooker would wear and she passed out on to of the guy she was well in the middle of relations with and when she passed out she fell to the side and that poor guy he was in tears I have never in my life ever had a patient where I needed to give pain meds to just to stop me from hurting just from looking at him. he was so embaressed asked us to not call his parents till he could figure out a story to explain this. At the same party we were called out again to treat yet another drunk he decided to jump from the sec. story deck to the pool only he jumped into the shallow end and shattered one ankle and fratured the other femor. lucky he was that he did not jump in head first. crazy I tell you.
My diabetes is doing well despite all the stress in my life right now my A1C was 5.7 this time so yeah for me. I have not had a low in geeze at least a month so the doses I am on must be doing thier thing. on monday I have knee surgery scheduled to fix an OCD lesion on my right knee. so that should be fun. Not to excited but it will help with fixing the everyday problems i have with it. I will be down and out for a week but then should be recovering well. I must head out for ice cream with the neice she is giving me the look. lol

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I hate diabetes

I am one of the most happy people about my life diabetes and all it is something that won't go away and I didn't cause so I just take it day by day. today is different some how not sure why my blood sugars are good between 100 and 140 so no problems there and I even got a shower device free as it is change out day. I was thinking though showers for me are not just hair washing and body soap nooo my includes diabetes it is everywhere in my life food, shower, work , driving and all. It does not take a vacation and even though I have a good healthy outlook well except that whole cure stuff I mean seriously can we get one?? but I usually don't mind it but today I was in a food joint and doing my BG check and bolusing and what not and even with the pump I got a dirty look! like I am some freak!!which don't worry I know I am not but they looked at me like stay away you might catch it to their child. Really catch diabetes you can't catch it not type 1 or type 2. I wish people were more educated. It is sometimes like oh poor girl she is too young for that. well not really it is type 1 a childhood disease but yes no child should have to endure shots and needles or even bg checks unless it is birth you know the double check of an infants bg before they leave. Today my niece the sweet adorable 2 yr old with her whole life ahead of her asked me about the cure. When?? why not now? how come I have to take shots?? I didn't know how to explain to her that she didn't deserve this and that she will become a stronger person because of it or that I am so sorry that I could not fix her. the hardest part was her asking since I am a medic why is it I can help others but not her? Her child like faith and what not are in question. How do I fix that?? We never tell her she can't do something or eat something it is just all in moderation. I hate giving her shots and inflicting this on her but it keeps her alive you know? she will look at me with those big blue eyes and she does not cry instead she is strong and deals like we all do. she just can't grasp the concept of no cure. that breaks my heart!! I have been with this disease for so long it does not phase me except when it comes to her. she deserves to go play without us checking her bg or never having to deal with a low. my biggest blessing would be for her to never have to see the inside walls in the ER due to her diabetes. what a gift that would be. She is wierded out by taking her shoes off at the docs office to ensure healthy feet blister free. and her doc is amazing heck he put up with me so she will be a cake walk. okay sorry for the rant but she is too young and deserves a cure. she gets top notch diabetes care we would do anything to make it easier but till the cure comes she is stuck with shots and ketone strips and BG checks. So we have decided to bump up our fundraising efforts for the cure and I can't wait to kick diabetes to the curve for her me my sis and the millions afficked by it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

yeah I know could have posted sooner lol

Okay well lets see. First work has been well one word busy!! I love my job it is like a passion and therefore I am living the dream My dream. We have done a lot of summer calls this month you know what I am talking about kids playing doing what they should not and people getting beat by the summer heat ( People please drink water!!! ) lot more car wreaks and ohh yeah the summer college is out parties!! so needless to say I have worked on and on and on!! But I do not complain my friends because I do have a job that puts a roof over my head and food on the table and I kinda like it!!. Now with the diabetes all is okay I was saved by a great friend when my order shipping got mixed up and so I was soon to be out of infusion sets but they arrive tomorrow and she helped me till them TY you know who you are!! umm still a problem though they are sending the wrong infusion sets so I have to send the others back and get the right ones but it will take 3 days total and I will be good till the right ones get here. So summer I personally love it my birthday was last monday and now I am old lol J/K and I worked on my birthday what a day to my patients were gifting me left and right one guy with the smell of a ruptured abdominal cyst!! ( yuck so ugh they stink beyond belief if you didn't know ) another with the gift of throwing up on my shoes ( better then my shirt I guess ) and the best of all the one I will never forget and brought tears to my eyes an 12 yr old little guy. He was hit by a passing car while riding his bike. We get there and the feeling or Vib you got was no way is this kid going to make it but I am stubborn so lets see it ( guess you got to be stubborn for the job ) flat line again and again but ohh wait in the bus is there a glimpse of light?? yes a fixable rhythm..... Shock him!! we did and by Gods hands we got him back not great vitals but good enough to pass him to the trauma docs to do their job. Today he is alive a sweet 12 yr old at that he loves his DS and can't wait to get to his friends again he joked as to why could this could not have happened to him during school time we all laughed but knew he was lucky to be here. I just had to stop by and see him he is so full of like and when he grows up now he wants to be a medic!! ( yes another for the team !! ) that in its self made my birthday so worth it!! Well soccer games are starting up again not the world cup we will talk about that in a min. but pick up games and rec leagues so I am excited to help out with the rec leagues this yr we have some great players!! Now on to world cup first off these are just my thoughts so please take them with a grain of salt. USA out, unfortunately we did not win v.s Ghana but Germany on the other hand beat england!! that rocked my socks off!! Arg V.S Mexico well Arg took it with flying colors which is what I expected. Arg V.S Germany should be a good game I will be working but that is what your cell is for these days people!! and if I am in station then the game will be on no if ands or but's guys!! umm this weekend I work one day but folks how this happened to me I don't know but the EMS God motorola must be mad at me because I have to work 4th of july!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! yes I am running away now!! people fireworks are dangerous if not handled properly just like the grill and drinking!! then there is the whole don't and I mean DO NOT!!! drink and drive!!! it is not worth the pain and suffering you will go through not to mention the pain and suffering the people who you may hit or your family might endure. Taxis are there for a reason people!!! and if you get burned do not put butter on it geeze go to the doc and see what he says as I am no doc and will not give you med advice as I prefer not to be sued ty. Enjoy this holiday with your family and friends and be blessed we get to celebrate it free!! I am off to do work things like stock the truck and hope my EMT - I newbie does not kill me with his driving. Safe days people!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The call I never wanted

I have been a medic for 9 yrs now and you would think nothing could phase me but this call did. It was late we were at Waffle house eating ( love the food and 24 hr service ) A call comes over the radio and it is to a very well known home, but not for drugs or stupid stuff but instead for a 12 yr old little boy with leukemia. His mom had called because he was in horrible pain ( this kid is amazing has the highest threshold for pain of anyone I know ) and struggling to catch his breath. I knew it was going to be a bad call as this is his third relapse. We get there and this sweet little guy in his pj pants and under a blanket while watching his fav T.V show house. ( I asked him once why that show and he said to me " Dr. house can fix anyone so maybe there is a doctor who could fix me? ) Tears were in my eyes the day he said that. I go up to him and ask him whats going on and how can I help? he looked at me in the eyes and said it hurts so bad and I just don't feel right. So I get vitals and he is really bad off his pulse was 192 from dehydration and his blood pressure was 80/55 and breathing was 33 so I pack him up and had to start a line since he has a port and we can't access it. I push the pain meds and get some fluid going and off we go with mom following us. he looks me in the eye and said the one thing I didn't want to hear " I am ready to die " I paused for a moment to try and keep my self dry eyed he said he didn't want to tell his mom that he couldn't go because no one would be there for his mom. I was so amazed at this young man he is looking at death tired of the pain and treatments and where his life is right now but none of that worried him like his mom's feelings and care. You could just see it in him he was so weak and pale and small and just all out ready to get rid of this cancer. I said the one thing I knew to say and that was your mom is going to weep when you go and she is going to pray for you and miss you but most of all she is going to be so relieved that you are no longer in pain and that you will be healthy again and that is what is going to get her through. and your job will be to keep an eye on her from up above. This was his third relapse and he so deserved freedom from that cancer. ( I had the same leukemia he did when I was 14 but it was caught early and I was cleared of it after 3 yrs. ) He was so strong and he wanted to be that way for his mom he would not cry in front of her nor complain. We got him to the hospital with his fav quilt his mom made and his gameboy or whatever those new things are and we took him in to the children's hospital where he is known and his fav nurse was working ( thank goodness ) Today I found out he passed on due to infection raiding his body. I cried for his mom as she is at a loss I will go see her today after class is over and for him to be pain free and able to run and play like a normal kid. I know in medicine we are taught to not let things get to us but this little guy was amazing and I've known him since before I left GA and weird enough I took him for his last ambulance ride. Please keep the mom in your prayers I will not post names but just know that she needs them right now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Numbers, and crazy laws

Highs and lows come with the D territory and we all know this but sometimes I just feel like my whole life even whole days is based on a number on A meter. !20 Yeah baby! 201 seriously? what the crap? 42 how low can you go? all of these numbers can happen all in one day trust me I know it just happened yesterday lol. You get happy for the good numbers and feel like a failure for the highs and seriously don't understand the lows although that might be because your mind is way off the rocker with a low. I hated going to the Endo's office for the longest time as it was always the three month A1C check and I would sit in that cold room waiting for the ever so important number and the judgement that might follow good or bad. I have a great endo now and that is no longer an issue he just says we will get through this together. I like the sound of that I mean it makes me feel like I am a part of the team.

On another note I wanted to address another issue a fellow blogger posted at diabetics corner booth. He posted about CA where a judge has ruled that school nurses are the only ones allowed to administer care to D kids. Now I don't know about you but me being a medic sees a lot of 911 calls for help at schools since there is a huge nurse shortage. these schools have nurses maybe twice a week or if lucky 3 days a week. seriously no insulin or Glucagon is allowed to be given by anyone other then the school nurse. now I understand the issues of what if they are low and someone gives them insulin? Parents of D kids are great teachers they could train anyone to care for their child like ensuring the person in charge of helping when needed knows to check BG first before treating and what the plan is for treating a low or a high. My parents were great they made me take my lunch to school and put the carb count of every single item in the box so if I didn't eat something it could be subtracted from the amount of listed carbs to adjust my dose. They taught my teachers what to watch out for with low symptoms and how to treat it. Lucky for me I only went low like 4 times in my whole school yrs. My coaches were taught to make me test before playing in practice and in games as well as during half time. they always had me covered heck I think the whole team knew how to look out for me. I was lucky but the D kids in CA are not so lucky this really can put a child's life in danger. seriously it just makes me mad thinking about it. how does this follow a child's 504 plan?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life in Ga

I love this state I really do it is full of great people and I love the weather. Since moving I have had yet to unpack fully unless you count stuff being in the Apt but just on the floor. I am not used to no washer or dryer in my places so I had to use a laundry place where you put the coins in. Not horrible though I can manage to get all my clothes done in one load which is a lot btw. then one more load for my towels sheets and blankets. never could do that with my little washer and dryer back home. I have found a great set of doctors for my diabetes team and some wonderful dietician and diabetes educators. I found a great gym on post here and it is great and free!! I am still loving this place called Marietta square it is so cool they have little festivals and bazaars and great food it is like Marietta from the older days. but a beautiful place for pictures and just to walk around in the park. I am loving work the guys are great and really made me feel welcome. The fire dept I work for is in a nice area so a lot of our calls are legit for the most part unless it is for spoiled teens and college kids with a drug or drinking habit. Now someone please explain to me why you would buy a fast nice car for a 16 yr old? I mean do you want to go through the pain of losing your kid to a car wreck we all knowhow we were when we got our first cars very inexperinced and accident prone. I had the unfortunate job of working a wreck of a kid who was 16 who wrapped the car around he tree I mean head lights were touching tail lights. He didn't make it even with life flight to the hospital his injuries were bad. Open tib/fib fracture. laceration to the liver and spleen and subdural hematoma so he was circling the drain the who time and just didn't make it. These things remind me when I have kids one day to number 1 buy a really slow car 2. teach them so they will be safe. although as a parent there is only o much you can do before it becomes the teens decision. Lord be with that family. As for diabetes front well all is doing well for the most part and so I am now looking into different bolusing techniques and I have found so far that a bolus 20 mins before the meal really helps my 2 hr after meal sugars. So that is all for now. God Bless

Friday, June 4, 2010

Please tell me I am not the only one who has done this

So I am on a mini med pump and I love it but the darn thing stopped working like the buttons wouldn't do their job so I had to send it in for a overnight replacement except i had to wait for two days since it was Saturday. no problem right? I have done my insulin pens before and took humalog since it is what I use in my pump and ugh lantus (so hard to figure out the dosing on that junk for me anyways. anyway my pump finally comes in on mon. at like 10a.m and I had taken lantus at 7 a.m that morning but since my brain was fried from the 24 hr shift I work I put my pump on set it all up and went on my happy way. Stupid me was trying to figure out why the sugars would not come up so the ER we go because it would not get above 40 mg/dl. then finally in the room it hit my friend ( hubby is in Iraq so I am with a friend till he gets back) "dude did you take the lantus this morning?" me : " um yeah oh crap stupid me!!! the doc comes in we tell him and I had to stay the night to let the lantus wear off and get my bg back in order but all because of a big stupid thing I didn't pay atten too. so if you read this let it be a lesson if this has never happened to you and if it has I won't feel as bad. LOL

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She's only 2..............

This week has been hard and has changed my family forever as my niece Emma was dxed with type 1 diabetes like her mother and I. We never saw it coming. We know that yes there was a risk and it could happen but in our minds we were praying God would spare her and her childhood. The signs were so strong she was wetting the bed so much more and so tired she had lost 4 lbs and the amount of fluids this kid drank were astronomical! My heart sunk as w drove her to the doctors office and she was checked and her BG read high on the meter and so right to the children's healthcare of atl. The I.V was inserted and blood drawn as she watched the handy manny show like nothing was wrong. The E.R doctor arrives in the room with the news her BG was 891 and she was being sent to the ICU. She didn't understand that we would have to stay but I don't think it bothered he too much in the beginning as she was the center of atten. she got a JDRF bear and she picked out the color meter she wanted not that that really meant anything I mean she just pointed to the closest which was purple. She got to watch movies she picked out with her favorite nurse. She was so innocent and had no idea how her life was going to change until the first injection and finger prick. My sister stood there and just started to cry. she asked me how do we help her understand this is to save her life? I want her to know I am doing this because I love her. She looks at me and said please do this. I did. I looked at Emma and said sweetie I have to give you a shot so we can play and watch TV and have a popcicle and to keep you healthy. she looked at me with the big blue eyes and said okay. she put her bottom out from the pants and said don't hurt. With all of that I thought to myself what an amazing child! And at that second why her? She has been so brave and has stolen the heart o the whole nursing staff. her smile never goes away. she must take after her mom and I since she already sleeps through those 2 am BG checks. when lunch time came around today she looked at her mom and I doing our BG checks and said me too mommy I ave to do it too. she is so strong and I have yet to see this break her spirit. I am torn in the middle I am glad she got it now then later as she will not recall a life without diabetes and so the slight limits she will have will be the norm to hr. but at the same time I think to myself she is only 2 and her childhood is already gone. no win either way. We want to get her on the pump ASAP but it seems as we might have to wait till she is 3. We are lucky we live near a wonderful children's hospital with a top notch endo that my sister and I used when we were young so we know she is in the best of hands. I will never forget her words when we and the child life expert explained to her the dx. she looked up at us and said " it is okay mommy and auntie I can do it just like you and auntie" the bravest words I have ever heard out of the smallest mouth. She wants everything the same as us. meter check lancets check we got her colored case for meter. she picked out her med alert bracelet it is pink with hearts and the name plate. just like mommy's and she is excited she doesn't have to fight us for juice anymore. we will be released on friday and after that a whole new life as we know it. God bless our little Emma. thanks for listening as always.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

been moving

Sorry for the lack of post but I decided two weeks ago to up and move to GA to take a position with a fire dept in west GA. So between moving and getting settled in and finding new doctors for the diabetes which BTW I found a great one in atl. and an ortho doc for my recent knee surgery for follow up. then unpacking and waiting for cable men and delivery guys for furniture and what not it has been one heck of a month. I can't believe how fast I moved and took this job but I will be closer to my family and I love GA. My apt is 10 mins from the gym and the siliver comet trail which is great this time of yr for my puppy she loves to walk and run. I have scouted out my area and am very impressed. I get to go back to my old church and hang out with some old college buddies and start a new work adventure. anyways just wanted to update and will post again tomorrow and get back on track.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My biggest supporter......

Is it my dad who decided over the phone from a country over seas that my mom should take me to the doctor with the symptoms she told him, or is it my mom who not only spend countless nights away keeping me safe from a high or low and ensuring I was having as normal of a childhood as I could. Could it be my friends who have been through it all with me even the mood swings and silliness of a low blood sugar? What about my twin sis who has this disease as well and has walked this road with me and encourages me as much as I do her if not more? Then what about my D-team? They keep my pump settings right and make sure I have all the tools and training I need to keep healthy. I can't pick just one you see as I have many people who love me and are there for me non stop we the need arises. Without this team of friends family and doctors I don't know where I would be. So to all of you thank you for making my life a lil bit easier.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making the low go....................

Day 2 – Making the low go. Tell us about your favorite way to treat a low. Juice? Glucose tabs? Secret candy stash? What’s your favorite thing to indulge in when you are low? What do you find brings your blood sugar up fast without spiking it too high?

with lows I tend to vary on the treatment at any given time so first off my fav's
fruitables juice it has 13 carbs and a serving of fruit and veggies!

next up if I don't have time to sit and drink or snack I will use glucose tabs my fav's on those are sour apple and fruit punch they taste the best.

If I am going to indulge then bring on the snickers!!

What brings up my sugar fast with out a spike? peanut butter crackers.

A little side note on yesterday's shift.
so it was 8 am and we were on shift change and all was quiet till the rookie mentioned the word quiet! and of course all heck breaks loose. the first couple of calls were crap EMS should have never been called out. but those didn't bother me. The one that got to me and really broke my heart was for this family we were called out to A 10 y/o male with leukemia and the cc was severe pain with N/V and fever. We get to the home and the whole scene was just sad. The child is on the couch with a bucket beside him. He is very pale and very dehydrated, he was very lathargic. Worse is his vitals sucked too. I started a line and gave him some pain med's to make him comfortable for the drive to the children's hospital. we package him up and get him to the hospital and as soon as we hit the ER doors the child starts to code. In trauma he is intubated and draw labs to find the cause. about 20 mins later he crashes again and all I could think of is beautiful blue eyes with a frail body and the grimaces on his face. he was just a child I said to God in my head why him? he never came back from the second crash. We brought mom and dad in to the room to be with him. I asked the staff to leave so the family could be alone. I passed by about 10 min later and the mother was right there telling the lil one how sorry she was and to be safe. her head on his arm and father trying not to cry. Mom must have seen me and most of the staff because their was not a dry eye in the staff, she came and thanked us all for our hard efforts and gave us hugs she said it was his time to go and she was relieved he was no longer in pain. I don't think I will ever forget those blue eyes.

As always thanks for reading on my crazy life, and God Bless

Monday, May 10, 2010

A day in my life with diabetes.........

5a.m - Slam alarm clock many times then sit up and check my sugar. Morning sugar good at 124 with a nice steady line on my CGM.
5:15 - Turn coffee pot on and figure breakfast carbs since today is a running day I will have peanut butter on toast with a banana and milk. pump bolus calculated and out the door for a good 2 mile run.
5:50a.m - check sugar. chug water and BG is at 147 so good to finish out my run.

6:10 - back to the house for coffee shower and site changes and insulin refill.
6:45 - check purse to ensure I have everything ( monitor, battery spares for CGM charger and pump, infusion set, i.v preps. sensor, senserter, glucose tabs, and strips and lancets) keys, coffee, uniform,book check! off to the fire station.
10:30 - snack time cheese crackers and coke zero. check sugar first ......... 111 good.
1 or so - well god willing I won't get called out for a emergency while eating lunch but it never fails. check sugar........ 159 umm that seems a little high humm I wonder why?
2pm - nap time at the station till a call comes through.
4pm calls and studying so school stuff.
6pm - infusion site got caught on door and got riped out. got to insert new one now.
7pm - calls, calls and more calls ohh and dinner in between. sweet it looks like dinner at I hop tonight! check sugar...... 101 yeah me! bolus up meal and eat away.
10pm - more calls and sleep throughout the night.
1am - been a busy night and my body is feeling signs of low BG which of course not good check sugar..........43 eeekkkk!! juice, crackers, kitchen now! I sit on the kitchen floor for 30 mins while my partners are sleeping soundly. check again ............... 128 way better! back to bed.
7 am - get up check all the supplies on the trucks to ensure full stock. check sugar...... 131 good.
8am - off to the house to catch up on lost sleep and make a good breakfast and prepare for shift at 7 pm to 7am.

So this is about the break down on a day in the life with diabetes.

Friday, May 7, 2010

take 40 dollars worth next time!!

We get called to a patients home last night for a drug overdose. It was 3 am and I am sorry but at 3 am even EMS needs sleep. We arrive on scene to find a 24 yr old male passed out on his couch his roommate had called cause he would not wake up and it had been several hrs. The roommate was not 100% sure if he had done drugs that day or not but did admit to us that they do use heroin, His pulse ox was 93% b.p down the drain at 70 over 30 and pulse was brady at best. I started a line after like the nine mins of finding a usable vein and admin. some Narcan ( I have mixed feelings on this drug it does its job well gets my patients out of the drain but a lot of them come off that high very mean and cursing, hitting and what not ) I admin the drug and the patient wakes up and mad as hell I had a firefighter in the back of the ambulance with me since I can never judge how a patient is going to react to losing that high. The conversation went like this:

Me: welcome back Sir
Addict: what the hell?? you just took away a 80 dollar high!
Me: well if you would have done 40 I wouldn't have been called.
Addict: But now I feel like crap!
Me: well once again refer to my last answer.

This whole call got me thinking (which I prefer not to have to do at 3am ) but seriously we have clinics out there that give out clean needles to people to help keep the spread of disease down so why can't we just hand them all vials of Narcan as well and if we market it properly it might work. I mean think about it every drug addict knows how to shoot up and they know where to find good veins and the ones I pick up always get high with others around so say you and your drug buddy are getting high and he passes out then you can be the "responsible" drug addict ( what ever the hell that means ) and save your friend and allow me some nice longer bouts of sleep.

College finals coming up and ugh that just adds to my lack of sleep. Books go everywhere I do and in between work calls and training events I try to pack more knowledge of stuff I am sure I will never use into my fried brain.

As for soccer yep the season is over and those little girls played their heart out and won the finals!! so all in all not a bad week.

On other notes I have a dang kidney stone right now with a kidney infection so tomorrow I will be heading to the OR for stone removal and stents. I will try to post again this weekend I know I will feel ten times better once all the pain is gone.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Pt.s seriously never cease to amaze me! Guy gets hand suck in glass jar cause he made a fist after getting it in there. he wanted the last couple of M&M's and I am thinking 2 things 1. why did you not just flip the jar over like a normal person would and 2 you seriously got me away from my lunch and energy drink for this? I asked why he didn't just break the glass? he had no answer just that he might cut him self. Man never take a medic away from a much needed energy drink! or meal if you do not have a real emergency!! trust me. On another note I got a new Endo or for those who don't know what that is a doctor who has training on lots of hormones and metabolic diseases and in my case type 1 diabetes. I am of course on a pump and had a mishap with it and needed some adjustments and my regular doc god bless him didn't want to try to make the changes since my CGM ( continous glucose meter ) graphs were all over the place and so this new Endo is a god send! he does not put you down for a number on your meter but instead includes you in your treatment and lets you ask all the questions you need to feel comfortable with what has been said. the other staff was wonderful as well! the CDE and nutritionist are amazing. Also my CGM device warranty is up so I am thinking of switching to the Dexcom 7 plus which according to all the raves I hear on it, it is more accurate. I don't know I am going to talk with the new endo about it next week and decide if the one I have is good enough since it has it's pros like all in one with my insulin pump and so one piece on my belt instead of two with the dexcom since it is not all in one with any pump as of yet. it seems they may be partnering with Omipod or Animas to work towards all in one status. Cons to my current one is it really hurts to insert it and the needle is huge! it last for three days vs the Dexcom which I think last 5 to 7 days . also my CGM seems a bit anal on things like placement or position with start up though I have found ways around it. So we will see. I just know for sure that I am not going with out a CGM as it has helped my control greatly. As for soccer our team is doing great they are first in the finals line up the had a great season so we will see! and school well it is school need I say more after that trauma with the cat dissection??

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been really busy with work and school and coaching

So work has been very interesting I had a patient who well wasn't the smartest person in the world. He decided the well play with his dog and it was more then playing he decided to take it to the next level and called us because the dog was stuck and swelled in his butt. so we come and take him to the hospital and I have never had a patient and dog in the back of my ambulance. We get him to the hospital after we called it in and I don't think I have ever seen all the ER staff laughing so hard in my life! they had to step out of the room to not laugh in the room. I never asked how they removed the dog but I am sure it was interesting none the less.That poor dog I am sure he was scared. I thought that since I had that patient the day could not get any worse but I was so wrong! the next patient decided it would be fun to play with his son and his son stuck his head in the stairwell and so daddy thought he could do it to not thinking his head was bigger then his son's and of course he got stuck. He was so worried about what we thought that he could not make eye contact with us the whole time we were getting him out. Then soccer practice comes around and I coach the team my God daugther plays for and of course she decided to show off and broke her leg so of course I had to take her to the ER and get it splinted till we could get an appt. with ortho the next day. Now of course that was not enough school made the day even worse I had to do some disecting of a cat who looked just like my kitty Oddie. and then a test I didn't know we were having but since I have most of this training from paramedic school I passed thank God. So needless to say my week has been more then interesting.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What a week

So I just spent my whole weekend in the hospital! Ugh okay it wasn't horrible but who really enjoys staying at the hospital on a sunny day. I felt so couped up! I was in my own room with nothing but the T.V me and my Computer with NO and I mean NO internet!! yes so I was way bored besides the movies and oh the Sims 3!! I am kind of addicted to that game. I was in for a little kidney stone causing my blood sugars to whack out! I mean it was 26 from all the throwing up and what not then they fixed that with nausea meds and the pain meds were great! I woke up and they tell me the problem that yet another kidney stone has made its way into my kidney and really got stuck so off to the O.R we go when my God send of a urologist gets there and took it out and stented the kidney's. I woke up to find out I had to stay a little bit longer till the BG got back to a semi happy range. later the anastesia doc came in and thanked me for being the first patient he has had with a insulin pump and glucose sensor who wore both through surgery. He was excited to have learned more about it. I was well goofy throughout the day as I was on pain meds that I have no tolerence for in the first place and apparently I had a low BG during the visit from the Endo. I was like oh great I am so not a good patient right now!! but she was great and said hey it is okay things happen and we can't be perfect! I cried ( so emotional on pain meds ) I was glad to see her and to not be judged by a number on my monitor. I finally got out today to finally sleep in my own bed and I have to say that people who have to stay in the hospital for more then a week my gosh I feel for you! I can say I didn't get to much college work done, I mean I tried but looked at it today and half of it makes no sense! I mean lord I should never be allowed to do anything besides sleep if I am on pain meds! I did get to finish reading a book I started a yr ago! wow I was really bored!! and oh my hospital food has come along way especially when the hospital has a chick fla and cook to order food! I didn't mind it too much and the nurses were really no all about running my diabetes for me. well wait I take that back this one nurse tried but the older nurse told her who knows her diabetes more then she does! They got to learn my pump and my sensor and how to help me when needed but to not over do it. but to just wait until I ask. they did a great job at not waking me up while sticking my fingers the tech asked me how I slept through a needle prick and my mom said well I did it to her plenty of nights so it is kind of something she is used to. I am glad to be home I am not allowed to go to work for the rest of the week so I guess I will catch up on reading and internet and T.V.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Patient VS. Medic

So Being a medic I tend to try to treat myself without the lead of my doctors which I am discovering needs to stop. I have had diabetes for over 15 yrs and always felt like I know more about it then the specialist, and for the most part I do after living with it you tend to know these things but there are somethings I need help with. My doctor is amazing and anytime I go too see him we seem to get things done I can be completely open about pretty much anything. We share our faith and even things I go through in everyday life which I think helps him decide what is going to be the best treatment. He does not judge my diabetes care based of my numbers as we all know everything effects those numbers. Now I have for the most part kept my diabetes under control I have a little hurdle here and there with the highs and lows but it comes with the disease. I had a bad low blood sugar today it was 23 and I didn't even know it! lucky me my docs office is open till noon on sat. so I had to go in for the A kidney stone ( ouch ) and we tested my sugar when my CGM beeped low and amazing enough it was that low. I always keep juice in my purse and tabs of course but nothing seemed to get it up so of course to the ER he sent me by ambulance since driving was yeah not so much a good idea. so I sit here in the hospital over night to get the sugars under control as they treated the low it sent me sky high in the 400's. my doc meet us at the ER and took good care of me he let me take control with my pump and the CGM and testing he taught the nurses how to check the CGM if it beeps for a low or high while I am sleeping and how to suspend the pump if needed. he stayed with me for a while we watched T.V and after church tomorrow he will be back and will bring me a copy of the sermon since we go to the same church. He and my dad are great friends as they went to med school together he called him and they of course decide together what the treatment plan should be. I don't mind that since both have my best interest in mind. But today I felt like a failure I mean I am A medic and should have not let this happen but as my dad and doc told me hey you win some you lose some. I hate the fact that I will spend easter in the hospital I love the day as it is huge in my faith. I am very lucky to have the support I do as getting to hear the message in the hospital is better then missing it all together. I now know how it feels to be scared and restless in a hospital ( you can't get sleep in this place to save your life but I am on pain meds so they help but at the same time the constant beeping of the monitors and now helping the cause. the nurse was amazed that I do not wake up for BG checks but that is because my dad and mom would do it in the middle of the night when I was a kid. They brought up my lap top and thank goodness the hospital has wireless internet as I get to watch great to catch up on shows!! and get on my fav sites too keep up with stuff. better then watching the small amount of channels on the T.V. The food stinks but the bed is kind of comfortable with the moving up and down thing. I got a private room thank goodness so all the people I get is the nurse my doc and the Endo. oh and my friends and family. even with this small bump in the road I still feel blessed to have the support and love of all. the low sugar was of course my fault as my pump was broke yesterday and so I had to use lantus and humalog shots till the new one arrived but I did not pay attention to the fact that I split the lantus dose half morning and half night so took the lantus this morning the pump arrived at like 11 am and I put it on with my basal going and everything so two basals equal a low just for the record. I just can't believe I made this bo bo. On the ambulance I always double check my work for my patients sake but failed to do it for myself. Well off to bed I go pain meds kicking in and I got to watch last weeks episode of house I missed. Happy Easter to all and God Bless. Enjoy the time spent with your family and friends and all the great food.

Friday, April 2, 2010

some topics bothering me right now.....

So you hear over and over again how diabetes can be controlled through diet and exercise but no where in those commericals do they mention that that is for type 2 diabetes instead they just say diabetes. now don't get me wrong I know they are trying to help but without properly educating the public only has small bits of info to go off of. Today I was in the docs office for a nasty infusion site infection uggh!! and I walk to a chair and this lady is like whats that? I said oh that is my insulin pump. she said but your not fat (God Bless her ) and you don't look like someone with diabetes your far too young and that is when I sat down and explained the different types of diabetes and she got a new understanding. I asked her though how she got her info on diabetes? she said some tv talk show. I also realized how to go about the talk without getting mad or irate since this happens more often it seems. It reminded me of the story of my DX with type 1 diabetes my Dad is a ER doc for the Army and was on deployment and my mom was talking to my dad and said I had to go to the bathroom so many times since I have been drinking so much more Juice which she thought was due too my active lifestyle with soccer and basketball and what not. they she mentioned I was really thinning out and needed new jeans so it clicked in my dads head and he told my mom to make me a doc appt to get a check up so she did and when we got there they stuck my finger and the meter they had said HI I giggled I said look mom the meter says HI and then I had lost like 15 lbs and the doc sent us to the ER where the put me in an ambulance and sent me to the Children's hospital where we were told I had type 1 diabetes. my blood sugar was sick high over 900 and I didn't understand but knew something was wrong because mom was on the phone with dad and she asked him if I was going to be okay and did she feed me the wrong food or what and that is the first time I learned how to explain the difference between t1 and t2. I wish we had a better way to let others know the difference or even better that the press or whoever would quite putting a bad light on diabetes. I did get to help some officers that came by the fire station last week learn to look for signs of diabetes in a person who may appear drunk while driving. I took them out to my car and showed them the car of one messy diabetic lol I showed them the used test strips my medic alert tattoo um my medic alert card with my insurance papers, lancets, glucose tabs um oh and the Humalog pen needles lol they also got to check out a video of 1 happy diabetic on what it feels like to have a low blood sugar and they left pretty informed. it was a good day I would say. ummm school is biting me on the behind I am on spring break but when it starts up again I am going at it with full force!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Got to love tech!

So I was looking around my room looking for yet another piece of D equipment and came across a lot of stuff like the 13 meters I know have more then half I don't use. then 2 old pumps poor guys they need a proper laying ground lol. Ummm then there was the CGMS graveyard I came across not to mention the lancets my gosh the lancets they are taking over. after looking at everything I realized how much diabetes is apart of my life (and when the last time my home got a good solid cleaning lol) It is everywhere I go my car has meter, Glucose tabs, used strips, extra lancet device, and emergency pump supplies. my house well it is a diabetes EXPO! then work locker has all this stuff and on and on and on but you get the just of what I am saying if I have been there then so has diabetes. The technology out there these days is just amazing I mean tubeless pumps different types of fast acting insulin and any type of infusion set you could ever want! ( mine is pink and discreet but I got infusion patches too with decor to go around the site and be pretty! ) ummm all the meters out there wow I mean I remember when it took like a pint of blood to get a reading. ohh and now with the A1C at home test kits that is amazing!! I can't do that though I would prob check like everyday just to be sure I am so over doing it sometimes with my care. and I love the wireless stuff like meters talking with pumps and pumps taking to CGMS ( I have mini med 722 system with the CGM ) I feel like we have all this tech for diabetes but still so far from a cure. someone on asked what would you do if you didn't have diabetes for 24 hrs? and I really had a hard time coming up with an answer I mean diabetes and I got this relationship thing down I do what it wants and it stays happy. I sleep, eat, drive, work, play, bike,swim and millions of other things with diabetes 24-7. I do know one thing without the diabetes I would not be the same person. I am stronger! duh anyone who can stick themselves with needles and fight to stay alive is strong. umm it has taught me to double check everything. I mean lord knows I used to sit on my bed at night with my mom or dad and we would pack all my school stuff and then the D stuff and check it again to be sure. That carried on with me now every test I take in school I double check, every work I do I double check it helped me a lot. I am more aware of my health because of the D not just the D portion either but all of it. I am so I guess you could say D tech savvy! and now I am getting an itching for wanting to upgrade my 722 pump for the new revel mini med just put out. it has more alarm features and still works with all the stuff my 722 does. so not sure yet but I am thinking about it.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A little about me......

Well I figured if I was going to write about diabetes and its everyday effects on my everyday life maybe this will help so anyways on to me. So here it goes I am a 27 yr old woman who works for 1 fire dept. and 1 ambulance service. I love what I do I am not married and am in college for my fire science management as a minor and R.N as major. Lots of school yes but it really paid off the first time I was humbled by helping a patient live. Ummm I love outdoors stuff like hiking, soccer, running on trails, biking, and well you get the just. lest see history?? ummm I was dx'ed on Jan of 89'. I think it was hard on them but they never complained unless it was on my behalf and spent many a waking nights keeping me stable they fought for good control and taught me well. My twin sister was dx'ed two yrs later so double wammy for our family. but this did not stop my parents from the thin balance of not being over aggressive or too lose with our regs. I have 1 other sister and 4 other brothers all with no signs of getting diabetes. I was going through supplies last night and looking for the expired ones and found my cat Otis J Jenkins playing with it in my sheets of all places lol he is a spy to keep out family safe. 28 LB's I tell you. now with work we got my pump and I will never go back to MDI's my doc has it down to an art switching out doses for my basal at work and lowering it at home and school well that one we are still working on. My CGM is a lifesaver and working in medical kind of gives me on upper hand lol. My mom taught me early on the importance of control and I can still have all I want it just has to be in moderation my meal time routine is up and at umm measure cereal or carnation drink then check sugar, log everything! I am bad about that but I do put it all in my pump manually along with my transmitter sending it to the pump too so it can be uploaded into pretty little charts in bright colors. I am a soccer coach and played in college full ride which the only reasons I say the full ride just proves we D's are just as good at sports then non-D folks and also think we practice play and clean all while to trying to fit in a quick BG test and make changes it is rough. Ummm my last A1C was 6.1!!! yay me!! wow this who blogging thing is great can release all my fears and worries and know I am not alone but most importantly not be ashamed of it. so I hope you enjoy my site.

New post tomorrow