Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The calls I am subjected too.

call # 1 of the day came over the radio for A 24 yr old female complaining of broken foot. okay no problem I am game lets check it out. well we get there and for starters the lady answers the door while walking on both feet might I add no limping involved and  in fact the lady told me that she got a call from her doctor this morning that her Xray came back with a break in the right foot and she was told it needed to have a cast asap and so she called us to take her to the hospital to cast it.Her doctor told her to stay off of it till it is casted. Really?? first you broke it two days ago, second you have been walking on it for those past two days, third the hospital won't cast it they splint it give you a referral to ortho and maybe a script for pain meds if needed ( which she clearly did not ) and fourth this is not an emergency! I of course kept my composure and explained to her that she was not going to get a cast at the ER but instead she needed to call a ortho doctor to have it casted and cared for but she did not budge she wanted to go to the hospital and even insisted we get the stretcher out and take her to the ambulance as she did not want to break it worse. but before she got on the stretcher she decided to walk to her room to get some things like and brush her hair. We took her and I later found out from ER nurse that she had a hairline fracture and was splinted and sent home with the referral and a script for Tramadol (she was not happy about the script since it was not a narcotic. Oh and she wanted a cab voucher as well to get home. imagine that lets see how many resources we can wast in one morning.

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