Sunday, October 24, 2010


Okay so I was struggling with the blood sugars for the past few weeks getting into my college schedule and had A horrible scare last week with A low of 29 mg/dl while walking to my next class. I stopped and sat down in the walk way and tested and called my guy because he is good dealing with my lows and helping me get back to normal. anyways I got that feeling you know the one where you get all sweaty and hot and your vision starts to go all tunnel on you and then goes black then there is that intense hunger where you just do not care what food or drink you inhale you just want it then and there. It was freaking me out cause I am still new to this school and only know my friends and so it was like okay like at the freak sitting in the walkway. Well needless to say I have A great school my professor happened to walk by and helped me out and then john shows up right after him and I get some food in me and I was back to normal well minus the low hangover headache. Needless to say john and I have be partners for 7 yrs on the ambulance and we decided to start dating at the beginning of this semester and he is great with the diabetes he sure as heck does not let it become any of my excuses and really helps me to figure things out but he does not over step the line you know? We found that I have to eat in the early morning if I have class cause my basal is higher due to the dawn phenomon and without eating I go low from working out eariler in the morning (5am) and running around all day. If I eat like I am posed to then I don't have a morning low which after treating was causing a afternoon high later on. I can't believe how much work it takes for me to readjust my pump for semester changes! great news is we figured it out and now I am back on the tight rope and had class on thurs without falling off the tightrope for once lol. Thanks for all you guy's help when I posted without it I really think I would still be trying to figure this mystery out!

Friday, October 8, 2010

My butt is sore!

Okay what I meant to say was college classes and work are kicking my ass!! I made a 98 on one exam, yay me! lol then 1 I didn't take due to a blood sugar of 42 mg/dl, which sucked because I was so ready for that exam just a little on the low side! on the last exam that was A 103. I know what you are thinking, 103? what? okay well professor is all about Xtra credit so sweet for me.
Work is no easy task lately. I have no clue why but it is so busy!! I believe I hold the world EMS record of "amount of drug related calls in a row" Never in my whole EMS career have I worked 8 back to back overdose/didn't know/ thats what the bottle said/street drugs/grams narc's calls. Not cool!! Now I know my job is EMS and yes I love it and I am not all about complaining but I got no break so I couldn't do my homework and study or sleep or even sit down to eat a meal. not only were there drug calls but also all of our fav's chest pain!! and a trauma 3 car MVA.
Oh well I will survive!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

running slightly high

What the crap is that! I don't like to have my sugars stay consistently in the 150 - 200 mg/dl range. I am on the tight rope again and I have leaned a little to far to the right, no this is not a horrific range or anything it is just not where I feel comfortable. I am more of an 100 to 145 mg/dl kinda girl.I have a great A1C of 5.7 and want to keep it that way. I think my body now has to get used to the 5 college classes added to my 24 on 48 off shifts. I am just debating if I am going to change the basal now thinking this high is caused because my basal needs to be upped a little or do I wait and see if the body goes back to normal this next week as I settle into this new schedule adding the classes and work load of each to my week? I am going to prob. wait it out and just dose for the running high with a temp basal till the BG starts tapering down to normal. I just fear an impending low that my mind can not take on right now I mean I so need all the brain cells I can keep and I don't feel like letting diabetes kill off a few due to a low bg. I do have great tools to help keep the lows away with my CGMS which has really helped but it is only a tool and requires me to act on its warnings which I sometimes put off due to working on something else, so for now looks like I am going to have to put the D first. In other news I did tell my professors about the D. I felt it was best. I never plan to have an issue pop up but if I do I know they know ( and since they are all in the medical field 2 nurses and one NP and a PA ) I am Diabetic and where my info is if I can not speak for myself. They were all fine with it just told me to eat when needed and to tell then about a problem if I have one instead of hiding it. this school had a D kid last semester who didn't want to stop taking notes or whatever and let his low go untreated till he was passed out and had to take a lovely trip to the ER. He told the teacher he was sorry he just didn't want to interrupt class and he was embarrassed. I think if I was going low and needed to treat I would just pull out the glucose tabs or my trusty peanut butter crackers out and do my thing. Better safe and smart then sorry and embarrassed.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Going pink for October Pick up the challenge!

Some fellow EMS bloggers have started EMS for a cure to help educate others on breast cancer. So for the month of Oct. I have set my blog pink to stand up and show my support for a cure! So I say to all my other bloggers to please pick up the challenge from Oct. 1st to the 15th turn your blog pink and bring awareness to breast cancer. Thanks to The happy medic for putting the word out!

On another note I will get back to blogging tomorrow as I have way too much class work to get done today and work tomorrow.