Sunday, October 24, 2010


Okay so I was struggling with the blood sugars for the past few weeks getting into my college schedule and had A horrible scare last week with A low of 29 mg/dl while walking to my next class. I stopped and sat down in the walk way and tested and called my guy because he is good dealing with my lows and helping me get back to normal. anyways I got that feeling you know the one where you get all sweaty and hot and your vision starts to go all tunnel on you and then goes black then there is that intense hunger where you just do not care what food or drink you inhale you just want it then and there. It was freaking me out cause I am still new to this school and only know my friends and so it was like okay like at the freak sitting in the walkway. Well needless to say I have A great school my professor happened to walk by and helped me out and then john shows up right after him and I get some food in me and I was back to normal well minus the low hangover headache. Needless to say john and I have be partners for 7 yrs on the ambulance and we decided to start dating at the beginning of this semester and he is great with the diabetes he sure as heck does not let it become any of my excuses and really helps me to figure things out but he does not over step the line you know? We found that I have to eat in the early morning if I have class cause my basal is higher due to the dawn phenomon and without eating I go low from working out eariler in the morning (5am) and running around all day. If I eat like I am posed to then I don't have a morning low which after treating was causing a afternoon high later on. I can't believe how much work it takes for me to readjust my pump for semester changes! great news is we figured it out and now I am back on the tight rope and had class on thurs without falling off the tightrope for once lol. Thanks for all you guy's help when I posted without it I really think I would still be trying to figure this mystery out!

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