Monday, November 1, 2010

Diabetes Awareness month!!

 Yes the blog has gone blue for the month it is all about diabetes education!! I want to spread the word. So Nov. is full of festivities here in my home as we gear up for the World diabetes day on Nov. 14th. As most of you know my twin and I are type 1 diabetics and so is my 2 yr old niece so it is very important to us to ensure we get the word out because frankly insulin is not a cure it is A treatment. Yes we are blessed because we have insulin pumps and CGMS and every other useful diabetic tool out there but I am looking forward to the day I can tell my niece she does not have to be stuck anymore or when I don't have to count another carb! So for all my blogging friends please go blue this month for diabetes!! get the word out and help us educate others diabetes!! Also on Nov. 14th go blue with your whole day I personally with be sporting the blue shirt as well as the symbol representing the day!

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