Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy world diabetes day!! 2010

Today is World diabetes day and although many of my fellow bloggers posted on the 6 things you want people know about diabetes already I thought today would be perfect for this post since this is what this day is about. Increased education on diabetes and spreading the word. so for your reading pleasure her are the 6 things I want to share about diabetes:
1. I have type one, no I did not eat too much sugar and junk nor did I not exercise enough. My body killed of my Beta cells in my pancreas and left me insulin - less. Thus there is no amount of exercise or good eating that will stop me from having to take insulin. It is not my fault people! lol I feel better now.
2. This disease is 24/7/365 days a yr! It does not sleep nor does it take a vacation. I am not sick but I fight each day to keep from getting sick. there is so much that goes on behind the scene to keep us healthy. this includes and please remember every diabetic varies more or less on each event but for example purposes my care goes something like this. prick and test my blood 8 times a day and more if I am off on my numbers rather that be a low or high. pump site change as well as a CGM site change 1 time every three days. count carbs at least 3 times a day if not more. pack the diabetes bag each day to ensure I am prepared. when I hear a beep I always wonder if it is my pump or CGM alerting me to changes in my blood sugar or problems with insulin flow. At some point in the day a number I was not expecting will pop up only proving to me that no matter how prepared and knowledgeable I am on my disease I can not control it perfectly.
3.We need a cure people!! We would love to enjoy a life without the worry of complications or parents wondering if they did everything right today. what is next?!? I don't enjoy sticking myself even when I act like all is right in the world please know that behind that smile there is worry.
4. Stop just taking the medias word on diabetes!! We are not all the same!! there are different types people!!
5.despite my amount of knowledge on diabetes after living with it for over 16 yrs plus a medical background I am still scared of diabetes!! I am scared of complications, and going to bed and not waking up, doing it all right.
6. Some diabetes etique for those who might encounter a diabetic along the way. Do not ask us if we can eat that, do not treat us any different then anyone else we are people too, don't freak out when we test or take a shot or bolus I mean we have to do it. It keeps me alive!, if you have questions then ask we are usually more then willing to educate others on diabetes.

I really hope that if you don't have diabetes that you will never have to truly understand this disease and everyday life with it. so to all my friends happy world diabetes day and enjoy!! My family and I will be enjoying some blue cupcakes diabetes friendly of course as well as a great day at the park!! ohh and for the big blue test my test was 131 mg/dl before then after 14 mins of exercise 129 mg/dl. so there you have it!!

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