Saturday, November 20, 2010

diabetes picture day

I never take the time to share many pictures with you guys but today I thought I would give you a glimpse into my households life with diabetes.

This is what the diabetes supply drawers look like when you have not 1 but three type 1 diabetics in your home. That is 4 boxes of reseviors for each totaling 12 boxes, then you have 300 test strips per person that is 900 test strips per person per 3 months so grand total of 2700 test strips, then we have 4 boxes of infusion sites per person which is total of 12 boxes plus you have to add in the random extra test strip brands that we have for "just in case" times. There are 3 boxes of sensors per person =9 boxes plus iv preps and ketone strips and glucose tabs and 27 bottles of insulin plus the back up boxes of lantus pens and humalog pens for pump failures or pump vacation times! All of these supplies keeps 3 of us alive for 3 months amazing huh?

this will make any diabetics day look at the matching numbers on my CGM to my meter and not to mention that beautiful straight line! that took some careful work on my part but so worth it!!

And last but not least this was in celebration of world diabetes day 2010.

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