Sunday, October 3, 2010

running slightly high

What the crap is that! I don't like to have my sugars stay consistently in the 150 - 200 mg/dl range. I am on the tight rope again and I have leaned a little to far to the right, no this is not a horrific range or anything it is just not where I feel comfortable. I am more of an 100 to 145 mg/dl kinda girl.I have a great A1C of 5.7 and want to keep it that way. I think my body now has to get used to the 5 college classes added to my 24 on 48 off shifts. I am just debating if I am going to change the basal now thinking this high is caused because my basal needs to be upped a little or do I wait and see if the body goes back to normal this next week as I settle into this new schedule adding the classes and work load of each to my week? I am going to prob. wait it out and just dose for the running high with a temp basal till the BG starts tapering down to normal. I just fear an impending low that my mind can not take on right now I mean I so need all the brain cells I can keep and I don't feel like letting diabetes kill off a few due to a low bg. I do have great tools to help keep the lows away with my CGMS which has really helped but it is only a tool and requires me to act on its warnings which I sometimes put off due to working on something else, so for now looks like I am going to have to put the D first. In other news I did tell my professors about the D. I felt it was best. I never plan to have an issue pop up but if I do I know they know ( and since they are all in the medical field 2 nurses and one NP and a PA ) I am Diabetic and where my info is if I can not speak for myself. They were all fine with it just told me to eat when needed and to tell then about a problem if I have one instead of hiding it. this school had a D kid last semester who didn't want to stop taking notes or whatever and let his low go untreated till he was passed out and had to take a lovely trip to the ER. He told the teacher he was sorry he just didn't want to interrupt class and he was embarrassed. I think if I was going low and needed to treat I would just pull out the glucose tabs or my trusty peanut butter crackers out and do my thing. Better safe and smart then sorry and embarrassed.

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