Friday, October 8, 2010

My butt is sore!

Okay what I meant to say was college classes and work are kicking my ass!! I made a 98 on one exam, yay me! lol then 1 I didn't take due to a blood sugar of 42 mg/dl, which sucked because I was so ready for that exam just a little on the low side! on the last exam that was A 103. I know what you are thinking, 103? what? okay well professor is all about Xtra credit so sweet for me.
Work is no easy task lately. I have no clue why but it is so busy!! I believe I hold the world EMS record of "amount of drug related calls in a row" Never in my whole EMS career have I worked 8 back to back overdose/didn't know/ thats what the bottle said/street drugs/grams narc's calls. Not cool!! Now I know my job is EMS and yes I love it and I am not all about complaining but I got no break so I couldn't do my homework and study or sleep or even sit down to eat a meal. not only were there drug calls but also all of our fav's chest pain!! and a trauma 3 car MVA.
Oh well I will survive!


  1. Hope you do well when you do the test! Hate OD calls!

  2. Thanks I will I am blessed to have such a great professor and it is a cake walk of 3 chapters!! lol