Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Day like today are ones where I think I should invest in the company that produces Narcan. I worked 6 calls requiring this drug. The top reason was for perc overdoses! I mean seriously! how many people can require this med in the amounts these Pt's had? Now don't get me wrong I understand pain issues for me I have had my fair share of kidney stones and thus needed pain med but geeze these people have it for some of the stupidest crap or got it from someone else. People if you have pain meds and you live with a junky then lock them up don't leave them in your bathroom!
1. Headache
2. Stomach ache - This guy didn't have a disease he just said he went to the ER for stomach pain and was dx'ed with gastritis and given these pain pills! WHAT!?!
3. wanted to get high - took grandmas pills for her back
4. needed to sleep - had a bottle of 60 filled 2 days ago and only 21 left in bottle when we got there.
5. cancer - I completely understand on this one he was one tiny guy and had perc 10's and took 3 he just could not get the pain to go away and could not get a hold of his doc.
6. attempted suicide - had pills from car accident. Life sucked because he cheated on his wife and was getting a divorce.

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