Friday, September 10, 2010

How to ruin a emergency officers day

Now if you follow these instructions you will successfully ruin your responding emergency officer day.
1. Drink whatever beer you drink and get drunk oh and don't forget to add in your fav. illegal drug but don't do so much you pass out you want to be awake to follow the instructions.
2. Go to girlfriends/boyfriends house and have your drunken argument and threaten to kill yourself and then leave.
3. Go to so and so bridge and sit on top of bridge with beer in hand and cell phone and call that girl or boyfriend and tell them where you are and that you are going to jump.

~~~ This will result in the girlfriend calling 911 and us getting called to the scene to have a standoff with this guy for 4 hrs why you ask? I have no clue as it is not a busy bridge, it is not a well known area heck I think the whole time we were there the cops had to block maybe 5 cars? needless to say they talked him down and we took him in on a psych hold.~~~

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