Thursday, September 16, 2010

Changing and learning...

Well as you can tell I have updated the blog to be more festive. You know give it some spunk. I felt it was due for a change. With all that is going on in my life right now like College which is kicking my butt and work that well I love but feel so unappreciated which brings me to a call that changed that feeling today. It was 3am or so and we received a EMS call to a older couples home where we have been many a times. The call came in as Chest pain and SOB so off we go and I see the address and quickly remember the couple. The woman always has a fresh batch of cookies that she always offers us and her EMS calls on her husband are usually not life threatening. a couple of times it is the I can't get him up call in teams that he fell or a diabetes related call, but today was different. She was so scared and crying when we got there as he was talking to her and then became unresponsive. so vitals were going down the drain fast he was a scoop and guy pt. he stopped breathing and went in to cardiac arrest. IV was placed and he was intubated immed. CPR was going life pack on and flat line crap crap crap! so shock and shock we get him back thanks to my cardiac drugs and he got him to the ER and he ended up having an infection in the blood cause him to have these issues. In a normal healthy young adult they would have the immune system to help fight but not Mr. B he Was still on chemo and thus leaving him open to any infection and harder to fight off. I did hear from Mrs B he was doing better and that she was just not ready for him to go. She told me their 50 yr anniversary was next week and he promised to be alive for it. This brought a tear to my eye I mean almost 50 yrs what an accomplishment. I am truly blessed as she brought us dinner at the station with all the fixings including my fave homemade apple pie. It is people like Mr. and Mrs B that remind me the love of why I do it.
As for my diabetes I met with my endo this week and we made some adjustment to my workday basal rates and sensitivity factor to improve my numbers my blood work was great with an A1C of 5.7 Heck yeah was i excited. I am looking at changing my mini med 722 to maybe the ping and then get dexcom for my CGM but not sure yet I am very happy with my current pump but just want to try the ping after hearing all the good press on it in the d.o.c so we will see.

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