Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life in Ga

I love this state I really do it is full of great people and I love the weather. Since moving I have had yet to unpack fully unless you count stuff being in the Apt but just on the floor. I am not used to no washer or dryer in my places so I had to use a laundry place where you put the coins in. Not horrible though I can manage to get all my clothes done in one load which is a lot btw. then one more load for my towels sheets and blankets. never could do that with my little washer and dryer back home. I have found a great set of doctors for my diabetes team and some wonderful dietician and diabetes educators. I found a great gym on post here and it is great and free!! I am still loving this place called Marietta square it is so cool they have little festivals and bazaars and great food it is like Marietta from the older days. but a beautiful place for pictures and just to walk around in the park. I am loving work the guys are great and really made me feel welcome. The fire dept I work for is in a nice area so a lot of our calls are legit for the most part unless it is for spoiled teens and college kids with a drug or drinking habit. Now someone please explain to me why you would buy a fast nice car for a 16 yr old? I mean do you want to go through the pain of losing your kid to a car wreck we all knowhow we were when we got our first cars very inexperinced and accident prone. I had the unfortunate job of working a wreck of a kid who was 16 who wrapped the car around he tree I mean head lights were touching tail lights. He didn't make it even with life flight to the hospital his injuries were bad. Open tib/fib fracture. laceration to the liver and spleen and subdural hematoma so he was circling the drain the who time and just didn't make it. These things remind me when I have kids one day to number 1 buy a really slow car 2. teach them so they will be safe. although as a parent there is only o much you can do before it becomes the teens decision. Lord be with that family. As for diabetes front well all is doing well for the most part and so I am now looking into different bolusing techniques and I have found so far that a bolus 20 mins before the meal really helps my 2 hr after meal sugars. So that is all for now. God Bless

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