Friday, June 4, 2010

Please tell me I am not the only one who has done this

So I am on a mini med pump and I love it but the darn thing stopped working like the buttons wouldn't do their job so I had to send it in for a overnight replacement except i had to wait for two days since it was Saturday. no problem right? I have done my insulin pens before and took humalog since it is what I use in my pump and ugh lantus (so hard to figure out the dosing on that junk for me anyways. anyway my pump finally comes in on mon. at like 10a.m and I had taken lantus at 7 a.m that morning but since my brain was fried from the 24 hr shift I work I put my pump on set it all up and went on my happy way. Stupid me was trying to figure out why the sugars would not come up so the ER we go because it would not get above 40 mg/dl. then finally in the room it hit my friend ( hubby is in Iraq so I am with a friend till he gets back) "dude did you take the lantus this morning?" me : " um yeah oh crap stupid me!!! the doc comes in we tell him and I had to stay the night to let the lantus wear off and get my bg back in order but all because of a big stupid thing I didn't pay atten too. so if you read this let it be a lesson if this has never happened to you and if it has I won't feel as bad. LOL


  1. Oh Man. That stinks. Hope all is well.

  2. all is well i am back and on the pump again bg's back to 100 mg/dl - 140 mg/dl. gotta love those diabetes curve balls