Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She's only 2..............

This week has been hard and has changed my family forever as my niece Emma was dxed with type 1 diabetes like her mother and I. We never saw it coming. We know that yes there was a risk and it could happen but in our minds we were praying God would spare her and her childhood. The signs were so strong she was wetting the bed so much more and so tired she had lost 4 lbs and the amount of fluids this kid drank were astronomical! My heart sunk as w drove her to the doctors office and she was checked and her BG read high on the meter and so right to the children's healthcare of atl. The I.V was inserted and blood drawn as she watched the handy manny show like nothing was wrong. The E.R doctor arrives in the room with the news her BG was 891 and she was being sent to the ICU. She didn't understand that we would have to stay but I don't think it bothered he too much in the beginning as she was the center of atten. she got a JDRF bear and she picked out the color meter she wanted not that that really meant anything I mean she just pointed to the closest which was purple. She got to watch movies she picked out with her favorite nurse. She was so innocent and had no idea how her life was going to change until the first injection and finger prick. My sister stood there and just started to cry. she asked me how do we help her understand this is to save her life? I want her to know I am doing this because I love her. She looks at me and said please do this. I did. I looked at Emma and said sweetie I have to give you a shot so we can play and watch TV and have a popcicle and to keep you healthy. she looked at me with the big blue eyes and said okay. she put her bottom out from the pants and said don't hurt. With all of that I thought to myself what an amazing child! And at that second why her? She has been so brave and has stolen the heart o the whole nursing staff. her smile never goes away. she must take after her mom and I since she already sleeps through those 2 am BG checks. when lunch time came around today she looked at her mom and I doing our BG checks and said me too mommy I ave to do it too. she is so strong and I have yet to see this break her spirit. I am torn in the middle I am glad she got it now then later as she will not recall a life without diabetes and so the slight limits she will have will be the norm to hr. but at the same time I think to myself she is only 2 and her childhood is already gone. no win either way. We want to get her on the pump ASAP but it seems as we might have to wait till she is 3. We are lucky we live near a wonderful children's hospital with a top notch endo that my sister and I used when we were young so we know she is in the best of hands. I will never forget her words when we and the child life expert explained to her the dx. she looked up at us and said " it is okay mommy and auntie I can do it just like you and auntie" the bravest words I have ever heard out of the smallest mouth. She wants everything the same as us. meter check lancets check we got her colored case for meter. she picked out her med alert bracelet it is pink with hearts and the name plate. just like mommy's and she is excited she doesn't have to fight us for juice anymore. we will be released on friday and after that a whole new life as we know it. God bless our little Emma. thanks for listening as always.


  1. The doc wants to wait till her BG is more stablized and so with her being so young she needs to have her dosing precise. I have looked at pumps for her and I have the mini med revel now and it doses in smaller increments of .25 instead of the .50 so I thing that would be great for her small body. I am still talking the endo into it. I think he will give in soon enough.