Tuesday, June 29, 2010

yeah I know could have posted sooner lol

Okay well lets see. First work has been well one word busy!! I love my job it is like a passion and therefore I am living the dream My dream. We have done a lot of summer calls this month you know what I am talking about kids playing doing what they should not and people getting beat by the summer heat ( People please drink water!!! ) lot more car wreaks and ohh yeah the summer college is out parties!! so needless to say I have worked on and on and on!! But I do not complain my friends because I do have a job that puts a roof over my head and food on the table and I kinda like it!!. Now with the diabetes all is okay I was saved by a great friend when my order shipping got mixed up and so I was soon to be out of infusion sets but they arrive tomorrow and she helped me till them TY you know who you are!! umm still a problem though they are sending the wrong infusion sets so I have to send the others back and get the right ones but it will take 3 days total and I will be good till the right ones get here. So summer I personally love it my birthday was last monday and now I am old lol J/K and I worked on my birthday what a day to my patients were gifting me left and right one guy with the smell of a ruptured abdominal cyst!! ( yuck so ugh they stink beyond belief if you didn't know ) another with the gift of throwing up on my shoes ( better then my shirt I guess ) and the best of all the one I will never forget and brought tears to my eyes an 12 yr old little guy. He was hit by a passing car while riding his bike. We get there and the feeling or Vib you got was no way is this kid going to make it but I am stubborn so lets see it ( guess you got to be stubborn for the job ) flat line again and again but ohh wait in the bus is there a glimpse of light?? yes a fixable rhythm..... Shock him!! we did and by Gods hands we got him back not great vitals but good enough to pass him to the trauma docs to do their job. Today he is alive a sweet 12 yr old at that he loves his DS and can't wait to get to his friends again he joked as to why could this could not have happened to him during school time we all laughed but knew he was lucky to be here. I just had to stop by and see him he is so full of like and when he grows up now he wants to be a medic!! ( yes another for the team !! ) that in its self made my birthday so worth it!! Well soccer games are starting up again not the world cup we will talk about that in a min. but pick up games and rec leagues so I am excited to help out with the rec leagues this yr we have some great players!! Now on to world cup first off these are just my thoughts so please take them with a grain of salt. USA out, unfortunately we did not win v.s Ghana but Germany on the other hand beat england!! that rocked my socks off!! Arg V.S Mexico well Arg took it with flying colors which is what I expected. Arg V.S Germany should be a good game I will be working but that is what your cell is for these days people!! and if I am in station then the game will be on no if ands or but's guys!! umm this weekend I work one day but folks how this happened to me I don't know but the EMS God motorola must be mad at me because I have to work 4th of july!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! yes I am running away now!! people fireworks are dangerous if not handled properly just like the grill and drinking!! then there is the whole don't and I mean DO NOT!!! drink and drive!!! it is not worth the pain and suffering you will go through not to mention the pain and suffering the people who you may hit or your family might endure. Taxis are there for a reason people!!! and if you get burned do not put butter on it geeze go to the doc and see what he says as I am no doc and will not give you med advice as I prefer not to be sued ty. Enjoy this holiday with your family and friends and be blessed we get to celebrate it free!! I am off to do work things like stock the truck and hope my EMT - I newbie does not kill me with his driving. Safe days people!!

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