Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Numbers, and crazy laws

Highs and lows come with the D territory and we all know this but sometimes I just feel like my whole life even whole days is based on a number on A meter. !20 Yeah baby! 201 seriously? what the crap? 42 how low can you go? all of these numbers can happen all in one day trust me I know it just happened yesterday lol. You get happy for the good numbers and feel like a failure for the highs and seriously don't understand the lows although that might be because your mind is way off the rocker with a low. I hated going to the Endo's office for the longest time as it was always the three month A1C check and I would sit in that cold room waiting for the ever so important number and the judgement that might follow good or bad. I have a great endo now and that is no longer an issue he just says we will get through this together. I like the sound of that I mean it makes me feel like I am a part of the team.

On another note I wanted to address another issue a fellow blogger posted at diabetics corner booth. He posted about CA where a judge has ruled that school nurses are the only ones allowed to administer care to D kids. Now I don't know about you but me being a medic sees a lot of 911 calls for help at schools since there is a huge nurse shortage. these schools have nurses maybe twice a week or if lucky 3 days a week. seriously no insulin or Glucagon is allowed to be given by anyone other then the school nurse. now I understand the issues of what if they are low and someone gives them insulin? Parents of D kids are great teachers they could train anyone to care for their child like ensuring the person in charge of helping when needed knows to check BG first before treating and what the plan is for treating a low or a high. My parents were great they made me take my lunch to school and put the carb count of every single item in the box so if I didn't eat something it could be subtracted from the amount of listed carbs to adjust my dose. They taught my teachers what to watch out for with low symptoms and how to treat it. Lucky for me I only went low like 4 times in my whole school yrs. My coaches were taught to make me test before playing in practice and in games as well as during half time. they always had me covered heck I think the whole team knew how to look out for me. I was lucky but the D kids in CA are not so lucky this really can put a child's life in danger. seriously it just makes me mad thinking about it. how does this follow a child's 504 plan?


  1. Sorry to hear about your crazy numbers. I get inpatient at times, and invariably overtreat a low using the 15/15 rule - and wind up high. I am more conservative now - using about 8 gm carbs fast acting, and then using some peanut butter to sustaint he correction. Seems to work better for me. YDMV though. I tent to EAT EAT EAT and EAT when I get very low - thus causing a wicked high after that I usually have to correct and I am afraid to at that point. Hope all is well.

  2. I am Jen by the way - what is your first name? WOuld love to keep in touch - fellow EMS'r.