Thursday, April 1, 2010

Got to love tech!

So I was looking around my room looking for yet another piece of D equipment and came across a lot of stuff like the 13 meters I know have more then half I don't use. then 2 old pumps poor guys they need a proper laying ground lol. Ummm then there was the CGMS graveyard I came across not to mention the lancets my gosh the lancets they are taking over. after looking at everything I realized how much diabetes is apart of my life (and when the last time my home got a good solid cleaning lol) It is everywhere I go my car has meter, Glucose tabs, used strips, extra lancet device, and emergency pump supplies. my house well it is a diabetes EXPO! then work locker has all this stuff and on and on and on but you get the just of what I am saying if I have been there then so has diabetes. The technology out there these days is just amazing I mean tubeless pumps different types of fast acting insulin and any type of infusion set you could ever want! ( mine is pink and discreet but I got infusion patches too with decor to go around the site and be pretty! ) ummm all the meters out there wow I mean I remember when it took like a pint of blood to get a reading. ohh and now with the A1C at home test kits that is amazing!! I can't do that though I would prob check like everyday just to be sure I am so over doing it sometimes with my care. and I love the wireless stuff like meters talking with pumps and pumps taking to CGMS ( I have mini med 722 system with the CGM ) I feel like we have all this tech for diabetes but still so far from a cure. someone on asked what would you do if you didn't have diabetes for 24 hrs? and I really had a hard time coming up with an answer I mean diabetes and I got this relationship thing down I do what it wants and it stays happy. I sleep, eat, drive, work, play, bike,swim and millions of other things with diabetes 24-7. I do know one thing without the diabetes I would not be the same person. I am stronger! duh anyone who can stick themselves with needles and fight to stay alive is strong. umm it has taught me to double check everything. I mean lord knows I used to sit on my bed at night with my mom or dad and we would pack all my school stuff and then the D stuff and check it again to be sure. That carried on with me now every test I take in school I double check, every work I do I double check it helped me a lot. I am more aware of my health because of the D not just the D portion either but all of it. I am so I guess you could say D tech savvy! and now I am getting an itching for wanting to upgrade my 722 pump for the new revel mini med just put out. it has more alarm features and still works with all the stuff my 722 does. so not sure yet but I am thinking about it.

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