Thursday, April 29, 2010


Pt.s seriously never cease to amaze me! Guy gets hand suck in glass jar cause he made a fist after getting it in there. he wanted the last couple of M&M's and I am thinking 2 things 1. why did you not just flip the jar over like a normal person would and 2 you seriously got me away from my lunch and energy drink for this? I asked why he didn't just break the glass? he had no answer just that he might cut him self. Man never take a medic away from a much needed energy drink! or meal if you do not have a real emergency!! trust me. On another note I got a new Endo or for those who don't know what that is a doctor who has training on lots of hormones and metabolic diseases and in my case type 1 diabetes. I am of course on a pump and had a mishap with it and needed some adjustments and my regular doc god bless him didn't want to try to make the changes since my CGM ( continous glucose meter ) graphs were all over the place and so this new Endo is a god send! he does not put you down for a number on your meter but instead includes you in your treatment and lets you ask all the questions you need to feel comfortable with what has been said. the other staff was wonderful as well! the CDE and nutritionist are amazing. Also my CGM device warranty is up so I am thinking of switching to the Dexcom 7 plus which according to all the raves I hear on it, it is more accurate. I don't know I am going to talk with the new endo about it next week and decide if the one I have is good enough since it has it's pros like all in one with my insulin pump and so one piece on my belt instead of two with the dexcom since it is not all in one with any pump as of yet. it seems they may be partnering with Omipod or Animas to work towards all in one status. Cons to my current one is it really hurts to insert it and the needle is huge! it last for three days vs the Dexcom which I think last 5 to 7 days . also my CGM seems a bit anal on things like placement or position with start up though I have found ways around it. So we will see. I just know for sure that I am not going with out a CGM as it has helped my control greatly. As for soccer our team is doing great they are first in the finals line up the had a great season so we will see! and school well it is school need I say more after that trauma with the cat dissection??

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