Monday, April 12, 2010

What a week

So I just spent my whole weekend in the hospital! Ugh okay it wasn't horrible but who really enjoys staying at the hospital on a sunny day. I felt so couped up! I was in my own room with nothing but the T.V me and my Computer with NO and I mean NO internet!! yes so I was way bored besides the movies and oh the Sims 3!! I am kind of addicted to that game. I was in for a little kidney stone causing my blood sugars to whack out! I mean it was 26 from all the throwing up and what not then they fixed that with nausea meds and the pain meds were great! I woke up and they tell me the problem that yet another kidney stone has made its way into my kidney and really got stuck so off to the O.R we go when my God send of a urologist gets there and took it out and stented the kidney's. I woke up to find out I had to stay a little bit longer till the BG got back to a semi happy range. later the anastesia doc came in and thanked me for being the first patient he has had with a insulin pump and glucose sensor who wore both through surgery. He was excited to have learned more about it. I was well goofy throughout the day as I was on pain meds that I have no tolerence for in the first place and apparently I had a low BG during the visit from the Endo. I was like oh great I am so not a good patient right now!! but she was great and said hey it is okay things happen and we can't be perfect! I cried ( so emotional on pain meds ) I was glad to see her and to not be judged by a number on my monitor. I finally got out today to finally sleep in my own bed and I have to say that people who have to stay in the hospital for more then a week my gosh I feel for you! I can say I didn't get to much college work done, I mean I tried but looked at it today and half of it makes no sense! I mean lord I should never be allowed to do anything besides sleep if I am on pain meds! I did get to finish reading a book I started a yr ago! wow I was really bored!! and oh my hospital food has come along way especially when the hospital has a chick fla and cook to order food! I didn't mind it too much and the nurses were really no all about running my diabetes for me. well wait I take that back this one nurse tried but the older nurse told her who knows her diabetes more then she does! They got to learn my pump and my sensor and how to help me when needed but to not over do it. but to just wait until I ask. they did a great job at not waking me up while sticking my fingers the tech asked me how I slept through a needle prick and my mom said well I did it to her plenty of nights so it is kind of something she is used to. I am glad to be home I am not allowed to go to work for the rest of the week so I guess I will catch up on reading and internet and T.V.

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