Friday, May 7, 2010

take 40 dollars worth next time!!

We get called to a patients home last night for a drug overdose. It was 3 am and I am sorry but at 3 am even EMS needs sleep. We arrive on scene to find a 24 yr old male passed out on his couch his roommate had called cause he would not wake up and it had been several hrs. The roommate was not 100% sure if he had done drugs that day or not but did admit to us that they do use heroin, His pulse ox was 93% b.p down the drain at 70 over 30 and pulse was brady at best. I started a line after like the nine mins of finding a usable vein and admin. some Narcan ( I have mixed feelings on this drug it does its job well gets my patients out of the drain but a lot of them come off that high very mean and cursing, hitting and what not ) I admin the drug and the patient wakes up and mad as hell I had a firefighter in the back of the ambulance with me since I can never judge how a patient is going to react to losing that high. The conversation went like this:

Me: welcome back Sir
Addict: what the hell?? you just took away a 80 dollar high!
Me: well if you would have done 40 I wouldn't have been called.
Addict: But now I feel like crap!
Me: well once again refer to my last answer.

This whole call got me thinking (which I prefer not to have to do at 3am ) but seriously we have clinics out there that give out clean needles to people to help keep the spread of disease down so why can't we just hand them all vials of Narcan as well and if we market it properly it might work. I mean think about it every drug addict knows how to shoot up and they know where to find good veins and the ones I pick up always get high with others around so say you and your drug buddy are getting high and he passes out then you can be the "responsible" drug addict ( what ever the hell that means ) and save your friend and allow me some nice longer bouts of sleep.

College finals coming up and ugh that just adds to my lack of sleep. Books go everywhere I do and in between work calls and training events I try to pack more knowledge of stuff I am sure I will never use into my fried brain.

As for soccer yep the season is over and those little girls played their heart out and won the finals!! so all in all not a bad week.

On other notes I have a dang kidney stone right now with a kidney infection so tomorrow I will be heading to the OR for stone removal and stents. I will try to post again this weekend I know I will feel ten times better once all the pain is gone.

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