Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making the low go....................

Day 2 – Making the low go. Tell us about your favorite way to treat a low. Juice? Glucose tabs? Secret candy stash? What’s your favorite thing to indulge in when you are low? What do you find brings your blood sugar up fast without spiking it too high?

with lows I tend to vary on the treatment at any given time so first off my fav's
fruitables juice it has 13 carbs and a serving of fruit and veggies!

next up if I don't have time to sit and drink or snack I will use glucose tabs my fav's on those are sour apple and fruit punch they taste the best.

If I am going to indulge then bring on the snickers!!

What brings up my sugar fast with out a spike? peanut butter crackers.

A little side note on yesterday's shift.
so it was 8 am and we were on shift change and all was quiet till the rookie mentioned the word quiet! and of course all heck breaks loose. the first couple of calls were crap EMS should have never been called out. but those didn't bother me. The one that got to me and really broke my heart was for this family we were called out to A 10 y/o male with leukemia and the cc was severe pain with N/V and fever. We get to the home and the whole scene was just sad. The child is on the couch with a bucket beside him. He is very pale and very dehydrated, he was very lathargic. Worse is his vitals sucked too. I started a line and gave him some pain med's to make him comfortable for the drive to the children's hospital. we package him up and get him to the hospital and as soon as we hit the ER doors the child starts to code. In trauma he is intubated and draw labs to find the cause. about 20 mins later he crashes again and all I could think of is beautiful blue eyes with a frail body and the grimaces on his face. he was just a child I said to God in my head why him? he never came back from the second crash. We brought mom and dad in to the room to be with him. I asked the staff to leave so the family could be alone. I passed by about 10 min later and the mother was right there telling the lil one how sorry she was and to be safe. her head on his arm and father trying not to cry. Mom must have seen me and most of the staff because their was not a dry eye in the staff, she came and thanked us all for our hard efforts and gave us hugs she said it was his time to go and she was relieved he was no longer in pain. I don't think I will ever forget those blue eyes.

As always thanks for reading on my crazy life, and God Bless

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