Monday, May 10, 2010

A day in my life with diabetes.........

5a.m - Slam alarm clock many times then sit up and check my sugar. Morning sugar good at 124 with a nice steady line on my CGM.
5:15 - Turn coffee pot on and figure breakfast carbs since today is a running day I will have peanut butter on toast with a banana and milk. pump bolus calculated and out the door for a good 2 mile run.
5:50a.m - check sugar. chug water and BG is at 147 so good to finish out my run.

6:10 - back to the house for coffee shower and site changes and insulin refill.
6:45 - check purse to ensure I have everything ( monitor, battery spares for CGM charger and pump, infusion set, i.v preps. sensor, senserter, glucose tabs, and strips and lancets) keys, coffee, uniform,book check! off to the fire station.
10:30 - snack time cheese crackers and coke zero. check sugar first ......... 111 good.
1 or so - well god willing I won't get called out for a emergency while eating lunch but it never fails. check sugar........ 159 umm that seems a little high humm I wonder why?
2pm - nap time at the station till a call comes through.
4pm calls and studying so school stuff.
6pm - infusion site got caught on door and got riped out. got to insert new one now.
7pm - calls, calls and more calls ohh and dinner in between. sweet it looks like dinner at I hop tonight! check sugar...... 101 yeah me! bolus up meal and eat away.
10pm - more calls and sleep throughout the night.
1am - been a busy night and my body is feeling signs of low BG which of course not good check sugar..........43 eeekkkk!! juice, crackers, kitchen now! I sit on the kitchen floor for 30 mins while my partners are sleeping soundly. check again ............... 128 way better! back to bed.
7 am - get up check all the supplies on the trucks to ensure full stock. check sugar...... 131 good.
8am - off to the house to catch up on lost sleep and make a good breakfast and prepare for shift at 7 pm to 7am.

So this is about the break down on a day in the life with diabetes.

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