Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exam stress

I am not one to freak out, I mean heck I am a medic for goodness sakes and every here and then I have to save someone based off of my skills and I am cool with that. These exams are going to be the death of me I mean I don't understand why I feel so much anxiety about the exams! They are not hard I think more then anything I am overwelmed and that is making me think I am just going to bomb them! I never felt like this before I mean don't get me wrong I had my fair share of hard college exams before but this is just eating me alive! I can't sleep and my mind can't focus! My blood sugars are really paying the price and I am sure they are not helping me along either. I am questioning everything I study it is just my mind goes blank ( well not blank more like off to a distant land like J.D in scrubs with his day dreams ). I just want my A's I have worked too hard to get anything less. I swear tomorrow I might be in a padded room with high doses of anxiety meds you know a lil of haldol and xanax and prob. some antipsych meds too!! please for the love of God I want my A!! okay I feel slightly better back to the books.

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