Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holidays and EMS

She is 6 yrs old and it is days before Christmas she is calling 911 for daddy. He is on the floor and won't wake up. They were working on the decorations for the Christmas party tomorrow and he just fell out. Dispatch is telling me the details of the little girls call. It has already created that sinking feeling in my stomach, she is alone with him mom died earlier in the yr and so it was just the 2 of them. We pull up to a beautifully decorated home nicely trimmed. We knock and the lil blond hair and brown eyed 6 yr old lets us in. We run to the kitchen and there is the man she could not recall his age she said " he is my dad so he is old" her tears are tearing my heart in two but I must focus her father is in need. we asked fire to stay with us to keep the lil girl away while we work to save him. Fire also looks around and finds his wallet and med's so i had something to work with. He works for a neighboring fire dept that makes him our brother. We work hard to convert his A fib it is not working drug after drug and shock after shock nothing is working. but wait there is a change he is now PEA uggh really we pack him and go the lil girl rides in the front in tears and ask my partner rich "you guys are going to make him better right?" We arrive at the hospital in record time and I hand him over to the code team. In my mind I know he does not have a chance but I hope against all odds that he pulls through. The nurse takes the lil girl and we must head out to yet another call but when we dropped off the next pt we ask and the nurse didn't have to say one thing the whole story was in her eyes. As for the little girl they were in the process of finding family since not one of them had the heart to put her in custody of the state days before Christmas. Thank goodness we found the number to her aunt in her dads cell phone. I couldn't help but shes a tear for that sweet girl.


  1. Very sad. Counting my blessings each and every day.

  2. That is simply awful. You did your best, and the little girl will always remember that.