Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here we go again.......

Yes, it is that time again when all of us little college students scurry off to find ourselves. I am taking the new yr and this new school yr to really kick my butt into taking better care of my diabetes in general. I have a great A1C but sorry my friends A1C's can be deceiving in fact my 6.0 is beyond deceiving. See I have highs but I also get low lows that cancel out those highs and thus equal out to a great A1C. Now I am planing on really testing when I am suppose to and wear my CGM all the time but not use it as a crutch to avoid testing. I am one blessed college kid I have the best diabetes gear and top notch doctors but I have taken it all for granted. I have the supplies needed including Pinky (my Pump/CGM combo), my meter, and endless other things to keep me alive and going strong, I just don't use them all like I should. I have not tested like I should instead I would rely on my CGM for my results which BTW never do! I have went without my CGM leaving me open for lows I didn't even know I had. I also skipped 2 endo appts because I had school and didn't feel like I had any room in my schedule for them (I found out later that those 2 appts might have saved me a week of hospitalization). I have decided to test the 8 times a day in fact I set up the alarms on my pump to remind me, I also decided to ensure I have my CGM on me all the time. I am going to always ensure I have a snack on me and water and am going to ensure I double check my supplies before I leave to make sure I have everything I need for diabetes. My schedule is ruff with 5 classes and lord only knows how much homework this time but I am better prepared for it this time. I went to the doctors to get my check up and ensure I can tackle whatever comes up this yr with school, work, and Diabetes.

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