Saturday, May 7, 2011

Okay it has been a long time

So you will have to pardon me as I have had a hell of a class schedule and lets not forget about my oh so lovely line of work! So classes are good just trying to stay a float with those work and my 2 1/2 yr old who seems to have the amount of energy ems personnel only dream of. Everyone in the house is sick right now even the lil one but wait I have somehow been skipped over (finally my flu shot paid off). As summer works it way here it seems the amount of ridiculous calls have increased 4 fold. I mean this week alone I have worked three bike wrecks with NO helmet (I mean come on people they sell them for a reason), 6 drunk kids/teenagers, 3 cardiac, 2 overdoses, and 2 diabetic calls. I swear when I decided to be a medic I had this preconceived view of working real emergencies and helping people who really needed it. Man was I so off. Don't get me wrong I still work the occasional real emergency but it seems that most of those have been replaced by lack of control on a patients part. I mean honestly it is common sense most of the time, don't drink past your limit or take your meds as prescribed. But it seems the general public fails to practice common sense. I don't mind working the calls I mean it is the job I have chosen but I feel that sometimes I am taken away from working real emergencies for working things I thought should have been avoided by even a 5 yr old. I know one thing for sure, as long as people con't to do what they do we ems'ers will always have a job, and that is one thing I can not complain about.

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