Saturday, August 28, 2010

Keeping up with life

Long time I know I have been super busy with work and college and my neice and with the big D. School is seriously kicking my butt. I mean I thought this would be a cake walk to get my NP but lord knows it is a struggle but I know what the end result is so I am sticking with it. My neice is doing great she is pumping away and will lift her shirt to show her infusion site to anyone who will looks good lord it is like whooa kiddo keep the shirt on in church please lol. she is thriving and just doing wonderful.
Work well it is the summer and what fire/ems dept would not be complete without the crazy hard core kids out there getting hurt. We had a 26 yr old guy who decided to see how long he could hold on to his friends car while on his skate board with the car driving 30 miles an hr. umm can we say dumb!! the car took a right turn and the guy on the skate board kept going stright right into a tree!! needless to say he is visiting our local neuro ICU till he recovers. We got called to a party last night college kids drinking and some passed out well one girl was in this outfit that I doubt even a hooker would wear and she passed out on to of the guy she was well in the middle of relations with and when she passed out she fell to the side and that poor guy he was in tears I have never in my life ever had a patient where I needed to give pain meds to just to stop me from hurting just from looking at him. he was so embaressed asked us to not call his parents till he could figure out a story to explain this. At the same party we were called out again to treat yet another drunk he decided to jump from the sec. story deck to the pool only he jumped into the shallow end and shattered one ankle and fratured the other femor. lucky he was that he did not jump in head first. crazy I tell you.
My diabetes is doing well despite all the stress in my life right now my A1C was 5.7 this time so yeah for me. I have not had a low in geeze at least a month so the doses I am on must be doing thier thing. on monday I have knee surgery scheduled to fix an OCD lesion on my right knee. so that should be fun. Not to excited but it will help with fixing the everyday problems i have with it. I will be down and out for a week but then should be recovering well. I must head out for ice cream with the neice she is giving me the look. lol

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